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Kshitij Patwardhan - A Versatile Writer

Mr Kshitij Patwardhan, Indian screenwriter, lyricist, playwright and publisher, who has set a benchmark in his work with writing films and lyrics. His approach and knowledge of screenwriting with experience made him a person , which he is today. On ocassion of his birthday , we are honored to feature him in our interview blog , and know his inspiring journey of screenwriting. Read on and enjoy !

1. What was the moment when you decided to be a full time Screenwriter ?

Answer: The moment I wrote the dialogues of my first film I found screen writing extremely enjoying, fullfiling and interesting process. From that moment I really wanted to write more and more films. So yes the moment that inspired me to get into screen writing full time happened when I wrote my first films dialogues.

2. How was your experience working with Setu Advertising ?

Answer: My experience of working with SETU advertising was extremely and enriching and enlightening, till then I was a teenager who was busy finding his own way into the world of theatre, stories, poetry and other stuff but SETU gave it a direction. it made me fall in love with ideas, designs, compositions, public relations, team work, and discipline. It not just made me a better writer but a better presenter which later helped me immensely to become the narrator I am right now.

3. How was the process of adaption of Hanumant Marathe short story which you converted into a play " Don Special " ?

Answer: I read donn special at a theatre workshop in 2007. from then I found the conflict of the story very very intriguing as I had worked in both the world's of advertising and journalism. I could very well understood the intricasies and pressures of both the worlds, and I found this story the perfect representation of this conflict. secondly I wanted to create a love story which will have an old world charm. I also found a possibility of doing that in this story. with the gracious permission of Mr Marathe I adapted it and the audience received it really well.

4. Films like Double Seat in 2015, and YZ in 2016 , recieved tremendous response , what was your reaction on that? How do you look upto that ?

Answer: I think all these films where my response towards what's happening inside and outside of me and the viewers really found it relatable and relevant. The response was overwhelming and it kind of reaffirm my belief in slice of life story telling.

5. Being a lyricist , what is the first thing comes to your mind while penning down a song for any movie ?

Answer: How it's going to enhance the story and emotions of the characters.

6. In the journey of lyricist , which lyrics writing was a task for you ?

Answer: In that sense every song is a challenge because it demands different things from the other. Writing on the original Tamil compositions of Kaka muttai for half ticket was a huge challenge also writing dance numbers was a big challenge as my core personality is totally opposite of that but to write a song you need to get into the skin of the character and write how the character feels it gives you that characters lingo, film's philosophy, atmosphere and mood.

7. As the series of awards get place in your shelf , what do you feel is current picture to differeniate between the mindset of working professionals in Hindi and Marathi film industry ?

Answer: Hindi is a more actor driven industry, while Marathi is still a content driven industry. The mind set in Hindi is more business oriented I would say but in Marathi with the people whom I work it's largely impact oriented.

8. What are the major changes you see audience look for in any kind of movie ? Is it entertainment , a casting or just another movie to watch ?

Answer: Basically audience are no spoiled for choices they have a remote in hand and with just swipe they can decide what to watch and what to not in this condition as makers are responsibility increases 10 folds we have to be very very strong with our content.

9. How was your experience of Haseen Dilruba ?

Answer: It was one of those experience is which happened very very fast and I am really great food for that initially I was supposed to write only one song but after writing that Mr Amit Trivedi and vinil Mathew graciously gave me the other song to write. I will be forever grateful to them

10. As a screenwriter , what is your mesaage to budding writers who are willing to enter films . How patience is important in this entertainment sector ?

Answer: Passion process and love are the most important three things a writer should possess, and obviously this is the part before getting the green lit. To green lit your content is much more difficult than writing it for that you either have to have a big producer read authentic big actor read (with face value) or big director.

11. What are upcoming projects we will see Kshitij Patwardhan as penned through his writing ?

Answer: I have written dialogues and additional screenplay of Happy Teachers day featuring Radhika madan and nimrat Kaur directed by Nikhil musale and produced by maddock films.Also I have written a series taali, featuring Sushmita Sen which is inspired by the life of transgender activist Gauri Sawant, it's directed by Ravi Jadhav and produced by GSEAMS and triple ace entertainment for voot select.

12. As audience gave a tremendous response to " Adhi Neend Adha Khwab " poetry book , can we expect a 2nd edition in this new year ?

Answer: The response to my first Hindi poetry book was good but it taught me many things about how to market a poetry book today hope it will help me in my future book writings.

13. Please share a message to our readers

Answer: I wish all the readers of this blog a very very happy, healthy and compassionate new year thank you.

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