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Khuda Hafiz - Chapter 2 - AgniPariksha

Well. Vidhuyt Jamval's movies are of ACTIONS, FIGHTING, AND STUNTS. So is this movie. The movie is a sequel to Khuda Hafiz 1 which was released on 14th August 2020.

While the first part of this film, was an average hit, the second part of this movie, slows down to a dull story and crashed screenplay.

The story revolves around Sheela Thakur and "Bacchu" who kidnapped Vidhyut's adopted daughter and another girl from school, molested, raped, and killed. After knowing this, Vidhyut aka Sameer turns red and sets out on a mission to Egypt to take revenge.

The screenplay seems obvious and most scenes are forcefully built. There are no intellectual connections between the characters which makes the film nonsense to watch.

Though the dialogues are better, it just saves the director and writer to make a statement of a so-called action thriller, or so-called suspense-drama movie.

The role of Shivaleeka Oberoi is decent and there are just love and tears rather than dialogues and proper screenplay.

The role of the antagonist, Sheela Thakur aka Sheeba Chadda just makes a kick to the story but doesn't continue to maintain it. Her character arc is a top-level vulgerness and brutality which she has done for the sake of the screenplay and her character which is clearly seen in the movie.

In spite of all these non-essential things, there are some scenes where we are stable to see them.

Dibyendu Bhattacharya seems to grasp the character well and has done his part well.

Overall, a one-time watch movie.

It is rated 7.9/10 on IMDB.


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