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Kaun Pravin Tambe - Shreyas Talpade's finest film

This is a film based on a player who started his cricket journey after his 30s. Pravin Tambe is a senior player, but yet an important key factor for Indian Cricket History. Starting the film, introducing Pravin from Rahul Dravid's voice, made feel better. Shreyas Talpade has worked really hard for this film, from dedication and passion to actually learning cricket with spin and medium-pace bowling, the deserved credit is for Shreyas. Moreover, the style of Pravin Tambe, his positive approach, and his attitude towards everything in cricket made him a different personality from others.

Pravin Tambe's journey was difficult and yet the actor has made it easy to understand and brought some real facts in front of the audience.

Jayprad Desai made took some really tough calls, to project this sports person biopic, and it is reflected in the movie. Writers Kapil Sawant and Kiran Yadnyopavit have written it extremely simple and classic, and no sign of looping in dialogues, and also it is brilliantly shot.

Chaya Kadam and Arun Nalawade playing Father and Mother gave a full dedication to the role and also properly executed it.

Anjali Patil playing Pravin aka Shreyas's Wife also played her character well, being a wife who is always supportive and sometimes also feels sad about her husband's struggle to play cricket on an international level at least one time.

Pravin aka Shreyas's friends, on the cricket ground as well as in his life made a supportive atmosphere around him to play his natural game and stand behind him.

Biopics are really different from other genres of a craft, and this is one of them.

With an IDMB rating of 9.3/10, it is streaming on Disney+Hotstar. Do watch.


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