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Kantara - A Mystical Forest

Finally watched the most recommended movie from my readers, KANTARA.

The concept and the screenplay is very intelligently written. Every aspect of the movie , does'nt let you down or does not move towards boredom. The screenplay makes you stick with the story. The Kannada Industry has given a big shot , releasing this movie. Kannada actor and director Rishab Shetty, has not only made a remarkable acting but also made a point to shoot like never before.

Every character has its arc and its positive and negative aspects, Rishab aka Shiva , Leela aka Sapthami Gowda , has really put a piece of their heart in this film , which resulted in an excellent art form through the movie.

It is a movie , which describes the struggle of Man Vs Nature and has a unique pattern of ancient history of 150 years and happening around 1990.

Let's talk about the camera and actions now. The cinematography of the movie by Arvind Kashyap, is marvelous. The camera was just amazing. The shots, the fight sequels and the whole setup made it delightful to watch.

It also made realize the togtherness in between the villages and villagers , when it comes to their devotion and rituals.

The music and Background score from Ajaneesh Loknath , did not leave the main target to focus on the classic and traditional part of the music. The art direction of the film is tremendously fantastic. The colours , the performing art , the makeup are just powerful. Especially the screaming part from the Daiva, are hair-raising.

The movie brings out the cultural aspect of the village , showcasing their unity, respect and believe in themselves.

Producers, Vijay Kirgandur under banner of Hombale films, has not only made a financial part secure but has given a boost to Kannada Industry, to bloom out in the society , with unique style of story , which relates the tradition and current aspects of saving nature.

A well written , mythological action thriller film, with national awards is in theatres to entertain you , to make you aware of some things and also to look after the traditional aspect of the society.

It is one of the highest rated film on IMDb , which is 9.2/10 . Do watch .

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