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"Just Go With Flow " by Jaspriya Gandhok

To go with the flow, or against it, that is the question!

“Just go with the flow”

“Only dead fish go with the flow”

These two quotes are in complete contradiction, however, we all have used them in our lives, to motivate others or ourselves. Life always presents us with situations where we cannot decide which way to go. These quotes are the simplest, yet most powerful, illustration of life and its contradictions.

We live in a world plagued with the daily struggles for survival. When we are fighting every day to keep a hold on to hope and sanity, we look around us for motivation. We look into our past to seek inspiration from people who are long dead. We immerse ourselves in religion to seek solace. We look up to age spiritual gurus, Ted-X speakers, life coaches, and other lifestyle influencers to motivate ourselves. But the one place we all forget to look into is our own self.

What you read, see or hear is full of contradiction and conflicting ideas. Like a bespoke outfit, what inspires you must also be made to order for you and your situation. This is in no way an attempt to put down the various mediums we access to gain inspiration and motivation. I only want to highlight the fact the most reliable and relevant sources of inspiration and motivation are your heart and mind.

You must have experienced this many a times that after reading or listening to something really profound, you feel that you already knew it. This happens with all of us and happens more often than not. And the reason behind it is that deep inside our subconscious we all have the ability to drive ourselves to rise above the challenges. All we need is to try harder to reach those depths of our minds.

Tap into your hidden potential, believe in yourself, and follow your instinct. Go with the flow or against it, whichever of the two helps you to retain your sense of self-worth and dignity.

When I seek comfort and try to conserve my life force,

I go with the flow.

I submit to the will of the universe, ease the grip,

and let it go.

When I drop my guard down and let the tide take control,

I become the ocean.

I become the wind, for my thoughts to soar high, touch the sky,

put my dreams in motion.

I shed inhibitions, break the shackles, slay the demons,

and set me free.

I go with the flow, never holding back, never resisting

to just be!

Because from time to time, I will go against the flow,

when the tide shifts.

To remind me that I am not a mere dead fish in the river,

that just drifts.

I swim against the tide because it makes me feel alive,

awakens my senses.

It puts me in touch with who I am, I become myself again,

end all the pretenses.

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