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Jungle Cry - The Roar for Win

This movie is different from others with the name, plotline, and also the main story. Abhay Deol leading as a coach and mentor for a Rugby game with small kids of the school, who have zero interest in Rugby.

The team formation, the Jungle Cry for them, and also the strength and support to the Indian Team for International Rugby Championship are all when Rudra Sir aka Abhay and Roshni Thakkar aka Emily Shah are joined with the team.

The movie is simple to understand. No complex, No violence, No abuses, Nothing. A plain sports film. Directed by Sagar Ballary, this film also includes foreign actors like Julian Lewis Jones, Stewart Wright, Sherry Baines, Ross 'O Hesseny, Richard Elfyn, Rhys Ap Willam, and Steve Aldis, and many more.

The film mainly underlines the importance of Rugby, its rules, and the method to play and lets viewers know the game keenly. The Indian Team here is called Jungle Cats, also there is certain team motivation to gain confidence in the game, so the Jungle Cry came into existence.

Another technical team of the movie such as Editor Suresh Pai, Executive Producers Emily Shah, Rubeena Dode, and Preeti Bal also had a sweat pain for this movie, so look the best in theatres and also in future on OTT.

The DI and tone of the film seem to be better. The children playing characters are also fantastic. They respond well, they play well, and also they self handled each other, and that too on only discussions.

Overall a One- Time watch movie with IMDb 8.7/10 rating. Do watch it on Amazon Prime Video. Do watch , the film , please subscribe to Amazon Prime Vide..


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