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Jug Jug Jiyo- Family Entertainment Movie

This is a full-family entertainer movie. Family Relationships, and their importance in our lives, are the main ideology of the movie.

The film starts with Kiara Advani and Varun Dhawan's school and college life and they end up getting married to each other. Soon, post-marriage they feel that they are not enough compatible to make this marriage successful, and they decide to part ways, by divorce.

As they decide to tell about this their parents, Varun's dad, played by Anil Kapoor, revels a secret, and the whole drama begins.

The movie is in the comedy genre, and we have to just keep our minds aside and watch the movie. Varun's role as Kuku aka Kuldeep Saini is important and he has very well played on-screen. Kiara too is beautiful and her role satisfies the journey of the character.

Bheem Saini aka Anil Kapoor maintains his own comedy timing and also the small punches which makes us laugh. We see Neetu Singh in a movie, after a long gap. Her role reminds us of a typical Punjabi mother, who overcares her family, and is shocked to hear about her husband's affair with another woman.

The role of Manish Paul, adds humor and comedy to the movie and makes it more ligher to understand.

The main character, whom the story is revovling is Ginny Saini aka Prajkata Koli . A digital creator by profession , she has achieved many awrds till date, and recently with the Daytime Emmy Award for Creators for Change. She is a famous youtuber with over 6.61 million subscribers and about 5 Million followers on Instagram. She is damm good influncer and digital creator. Her role , is very cruical and also story changer.

Supporting characters like Tisca Chopra and Varun Sood , makes the movie worth one time watch as per my point of view.

Producer Karan Johar, Hiroo Yash Johar, Apoorva Mehta , with Dharam Production have again successfully made a project with senior actors and a lot of drama and comedy.

Writer , Anurag Singh made it a point to not make any loops in between comedy and serious dialogues , while the narrative is best.

The song Nacch Punajban has crossed 57 Million views on youtube , while another song RangiSari , has crossed 51Million views on YouTube.

Overall , a family drama entertainer movie with IMdb rating of 7.7/10 , is leading in theatres near you . Do Watch.

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