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Jubliee- Shades of the Film Industry

Updated: Aug 26

Basic Analysis:

This web series has a lot to say. It is known to the audience that Film Industry has many secrets which do not get revealed at any cost. May it be about films, affairs, connections, and many more. It is understood by the audience that, it is a world full of money, power, fame, secrets, the underworld and entertainment.

This series makes an effective combination of these factors, and present us the dark side of the film industry. The producers, directors, actors, what exactly things are going on etc.

Basically focusing on the 90s, this series makes us entertain to live that 80s & 90s life and recreate the scenes and environment.

Starring Aparshakti Khurrana, this series is around him. He plays the role of Madan Kumar alias Binod Das, who is a very well-known star actor in Roy Talkies, owned by Shrikant Roy aka Prosenjit Chatterjee. And another character "Jay Khanna" aka Sidhant Gupta. The happenings, dice games, word games, and action games roll in between these two, where other characters do play a major and yet important role in this series. His shades of acting get clearly effective on screen. His Madan Kumar, is a handsome, charming hero, while his Binod is exactly the opposite. His qualities as an actor are tested here, which he passed in.


  • Aditi Rao Hydari as Sumitra Kumari, Roy's wife

  • Nandish Sandhu as Jamshed Khan

  • Wamiqa Gabbi as Niloufer "Nilo" Qureshi

  • Ram Kapoor as Shamsher Singh Walia

  • Shweta Basu Prasad as Ratna Das, Binod's wife

  • Sukhmanee Lamba as Kiran Singh Sethi

  • Arun Govil as Narain Khanna, Jay's father

  • Aarya Bhatta as Nanik Jotwani

  • Ajay Dutta as Hemant Ganguly

  • Tushar Phulke as Janak Mehta

  • Narottam Bain as Maqsood

  • Alok Arora as Raghu Jhalani

  • Harish Chhabra as R. N. Mullick

  • Madhu Sachdeva as Bhagwanti Khanna, Jay's mother

  • Chirag Katrecha as Naren Das, Binod's brother

  • Pankaj Jha Kashyap as Lucknow Inspector

  • Edward Sonnenblick as Vladimir Sayadyants

  • Akshay Batchu as Shyam Khanna, Jay's younger brother

  • Aryavart Mishra as Young Shyam

  • Suhani Popli as Meena Devi, Niloufer's friend

  • Ashok Banthia as Pratap Singh Sethi, Kiran's father

  • Amit Trivedi as a singer in the song "Dil Jahan Pe Le Chala" (cameo)


Not revealing too much, Jamshed Khan, Binod Das and Jay Khanna are the main pillars of this story. These are the characters who reflect on their positive and negative side and also take similar actions to overpower each other. Now other characters such as Sumitra Kumari, Shrikant Roy, Niloufer, and Shamsher Singh Walia get involved in it with their respective films and fame to just make sure the other one gets neglected and thus to become famous with their projects.

We can relate this to the real-life 90s film industry where the sets and the local equipment are shown. The cars, bell bottoms, smarty pants, styles, and most importantly the audience enjoy the films by heart in theatres.

Exact Review:

The plot is good. Most important are the story and screenplay. Atul Sabharwal has made it a classy retro picture in his writing, which has been excellently turned on the screen. The director Vikramaditya Motwani is just fantastic in his showcase of each and every scene. The process of his direction is simple, with creative input, elegant and most important giving space to artists to perform their part wholeheartedly.

The Producer Dipa De Motwane, Cinematography by Pratik Shah and Editor Aarti Bajaj are to be praised. Producer Dipa De Motwani for supporting such kinds of subjects, Pratik Shah for extremely amazing camera movements, minor shots, the closes, and drones. Aarti Bajaj for a good blending of scenes, sound and images, to feel us emotionally and get connected to that era of Jubilee.

Moreover, it shows the dark secrets of the Golden era of Bollywood , where there were more other ways to make an actor defamed through money, sex and bad films. The actors had a healthy race upfront for films, but the back-side had different perspectives of looking at the actor and actress. This reality is perfectly shown in the series. The controlling factor of various producers, ruling parties, and political leaders in the film industry, was clearly visible in that era, and which too is shown in the series.

It is just a series, which decides the actor's future, and this series focuses on that. An actor today, could not be tomorrow and a struggler today can be the best actor tomorrow. This is the harsh reality of the Film Industry. Sometimes it is luck, sometimes hard work and many times both do not work.

Overall, speaking of multiple characters in the series, all of them have done their role up to mark and have successfully tried their best to give to their role. It is a must-watch series to understand the in-outs of this STAR INDUSTRY.

It is streaming on Amazon Prime Video:

It is rated 8.4/10 on IMDb.

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