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JL-50, A mysterious Flight

This series is based on the missing flight incidents which were mainly happened in the circle of the Bermuda Triangle. Abhay Deol has enacted a CBI officer who handles a case of a plane crash landing, and the investigation starts. He tries to get deep and deep into the facts and the truth of the mystery. Directed by Shailendra Das, this series is of 4 episodes.

Pankaj Kapoor and Rajesh Mishra have also worked beautifully to unlock the sci-fi story behind JL50. Produced by Abhyanand Singh, Piyush Singh ( Golden Ratio Films), and Ritika Anand who also worked in series in the role of pilot, have made a sci-fi story look real.

Abhay is the investigator with a past that hangs heavy over him. When Pankaj suggests time travel is how a plane crashed three and a half decades after it took off, Abhay refuses to believe him, concluding instead that the entire accident is being staged with an ulterior motive behind it.

Director Shailendra brings in Emperor Ashoka, his peace treaties, and some more Indian history to add the desi touch. One of the best moments of the show comes when Pankaj delivers a speech about the time warp India is caught in, getting in an opinion as well. He says we refuse to accept what India has to offer, focussing instead on the ‘mandir-masjid, Hindu-Muslim, andhvishwas’. Emphasizing the need for scientific temperament, he says, “If we spot an object in the sky, we fold our hands and begin worshipping it. We do not ask what, why, how?”

Abhay Deol is a fine actor and his films are also worth watching. His acting skills make the audience connected and also give a profit to the craft. His films like Oye Lucky Lucky Oye and ZNMD make the people fall in love with his acting. We are eager to see him, in a very different manner of role every time.

The series is available on SonyLiv, Do watch. It is rated 7.4/10, on IMDb.

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