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Jhund - A Slum gang to National Team

A moderate story, and screenplay, with Big B Amitabh Bachchan and Sairat fame director Nagraj Manjule. This is one of the great combinations for the film.

The film is about the struggle of slum children to have their rights. A " JHUND" of some slum children is noticed by Vijay sir aka Amitabh Bachchan and prepares them to play Football for National Tournament.

The film is based on the life of Vijay Barse, a football coach. The most interesting thing about the film is its cinematography, which is extremely well-shooted. It is not easy to shoot in slum areas and prepare a full setup there. Also, the screenplay shows respect for coaches, the game, and also respect and transparency between the characters.

Many things are to be learned from the film. The dedication towards sport and its preparations are worth seeing.

Manjule, to a large extent, manages to hold the audience's attention. There are moments when you feel the story has digressed a bit. And then, soon enough, another gripping scene catches your eye. It's the camera work throughout that spells magic. Full credit to Sudhakar Reddy Yakkanti's cinematography as he chooses to show close-ups of kids, evoking an unmatched emotion. Watch out for an adrenaline rush during those football match sequences. Each kid in that team gets their moment to shine. Manjule's actors from Sairat--Aakash Thosar and Rinky Rajguru--have smaller parts in the ensemble cast but lend noticeable support to the story.

Rest all in the film is okay to see. With an IMDb rating of 7.4/10, it is streaming on Zee5, do watch.


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