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Jalsa - A women story

Vidya Balan movies are always fabulous , very interesting and exciting to watch . So , is this movie. Jalsa , a movie which gives us a kind message is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Suresh Triveni's film stars Vidya Balan as a journalist and Shefali Shah has the caretaker of her son. We get to see two such strong and fiery female characters heading the film. It is obviously expected a strong dialogue delivery and great plot , and this movie has done up to mark work in all this categories.

Jalsa narrates the story of Vidya Balan playing Maya , a head journalist and Shefali Shah playing Ruksana , who is maid in Maya's house, and a caretaker of Maya's specially-abled child Ayush. They both are in front of each other in 128minutes movie , but they hide secrets and tackle the situation on their own path .

Maya is the women behind the exclusive stories , a top investigative journalist , working for a TV channel , who is drunk lightly , takes a girl on road to hit and then vanishes in high speed from that road. In some minutes , we are amazed to see the girl is alive , and is fighting for life.

For the instance , the back story of why Maya is divorced , also why is Ayush special-abled and they both live with Maya 's mom , played by Rohini Hattangadi is an unknown facts in the story . During the journey of the movie , it will make you go around every factor like police, media , hospital, and also the status of the characters.

Triveni , along with Prajwal Chandsarkar , Abbas Dalal and Hussain Dalal , have excellently written the screenplay and the script giving a full shot and detailed lobby to every person in the movie. While the director takes a call to understand and present the daily struggle of working women's and how they deal with it. Also , director puts a strong inner conflict in the story , which makes the scenes more cleverly executed.

Mostly , Ruksana is unware that the woman whom she is working , whose son is under her care , is the same who has given her pain of partly losing her daughter , and when she finds out , her own patience is put to test .

It is not easy to accept what Maya did, in then end , coincidentally her acceptance comes , when Ruksana decides to fight back , and take revenge by making Maya's son leaving on a mid-sea area alone.

The story has ups and downs and , the climax makes the worth of watching movie.

It is rated 6.9/10 on IDMB , Do watch .

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