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Interview with Mr.Fitness -Sagar Gatade

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

1.What are some of your qualifications as a nutritionist, and how have you set yourself apart in your field?

Answer: Hi, This is Sagar Gatade Celebrity fitness coach and Founder of Science Based Fitness Club. I’ve trained many celebrities like Rupali Bhosale, Suyash Tilak, Fluora Sahani, Sheena Bajaj, Apurva Gore, Deepali Pansari, Gauri Kulkarni, and many more.

My Certifications includes the following:








& Founder of science-based Fitness Club

Due to these today I’m qualified enough to provide services in 7 other countries and I’ve continued to do so and transformed over 1500/- live until now. Boundaries have never been a barrier to me.

2.How would you help a standard client start to lose weight through proper dieting? What is some common advice you give?

Answer: Losing weight requires a lot of consistency and a lot of dedication. But most importantly it needs proper planning, macro and micro calculations strategic workout program and guidance throughout the journey. This way losing weight of a client is not a big deal. Best Advice is Quit Sugar right now and you can see your body heal beautifully within one week.

Also, YouTube tips won’t work for you since they are not made for you. Seek a professional help and guidance and make a lifestyle change.

3.What are some of the most effective methods you have encountered when it comes to helping clients and groups make necessary lifestyle changes?

Answer: People like Solutions. So, solving their problems as per their life style and making things simple/ easier as possible has been my strength. I’ve never complicated stuff for any of my clients as complications only makes a fancy appearance and its not a long term/practical solution.

4.What was a difficult experience you had in your current or previous nutritional position? How did you handle the situation?

Answer: With the help of my knowledge, expertise I’ve been able to provide the best achievable results in less than 30 days that even clients are amazed. But They lacked consistency. As a genuinely concerned fitness consultant this provoked me to sleepless nights. But today my clients are able to achieve the desired consistency. All I did was I’ve improvised the program by challenging them every single day! Now it’s a never-ending journey.

5. How do an adult’s nutritional needs differ from a child’s nutritional needs?

Answer: May it be an adult or a child, Nutritional needs cannot be generalised as they vary from person to person. As a breastfeeding kid, it gets all the vital nutrients from mothers’ milk itself. Once the kid stops breastfeeding, it is introduced to unhealthy lifestyle promoted by the society. Kids being in their growing age require the best nutrient for their optimum growth whereas Adults need the same to maintain themselves and avoid early ageing

Neither less every individual need optimum nutrients in adequate amounts.

6.What meal plan would you create for a vegetarian? Can you explain your reasoning for each food choice?

Answer: Being a vegetarian /nonvegetarian is a choice and I respect that. Regardless every individual need First Class Protein Sources in their diet. Thus, the food choices for a vegetarian would be Paneer, Sprouts, Complex Carbs, Etc.

7. What’s your go-to breakfast on days when you know you’ll need lots of energy? What foods do you recommend to your clients who complain about breakfast not filling them up?

Answer: The quote Stands true: “Sunday hoy ya Monday roz khao Ande”. Its Healthly, Its fulfilling, loaded with minerals and vitamins and is enough to provide you energy throughout the day. Same applies to my clients. I ask them to put some extra efforts and make variety of recipes including eggs.

8. What metrics do you use to track your client’s nutritional progress?

Answer: Difference in the weight is ideally considered worldwide. But there are various important parameters that should be taken into consideration such as inch loss. Note that as long as the difference is or isn’t visible, weight is just a number.

Energy level, skin improvement, good metabolism, gut health are some other important points.

9. Can you tell me about a client case that you’re really proud of? What was their situation and how did you help them achieve their nutritional goals?

Answer: Okay, so one of my clients was struggling for 5 years to have a baby and her goal was to improve her hormone levels so she can conceive and maintain pregnancy. She has Mensural cycle issue and had only 3-4 cycles / year. Shocking isn’t it. For Almost 5 years she almost had been to every doc possible and almost invested lacks of amount

I was introduced to her by some mutual friend and she decided to give this a try. She agreed to commit at least for 3 month on my advice. My strategic planning and of course her dedication worked really well and within 1.5 moth her menses occurred without any medications. Not only that but by the end of three month she conceived. It was that moment filled with the tears of joy. No words could explain it.

Furthermore, she continued with the routine, able to sustain the delivery throughout and successfully delivered 2 baby girls. Yes, Twins!

The best experience which ill never forget for life.

Their bleesings have been with me uptill now and will never let me down.

I’m really glad that I’ve been provided with this opportunity. Thank you so much.


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