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Interview with Limitless Talent Personality - Miss. Isha Hublikar

1) You are already engaged in multiple activities at a time, share about all of these activities and your academic journey to date.

Answer: Since Childhood, I was active in co-curricular along with my studies, was a leader in many activities & won for school many times. I pursued my 12th in BMCC, currently pursuing a Company Secretary course along with Law. Also, I am into modeling for the last 4 years & worked for many reputed brands to date. I am an active member of an NGO "Dada Chi Shala " where we go on the street to teach underprivileged kids.

2) Are you a firm believer of a turning point if yes share about your turning point.

Answer: I feel there is a turning point in everyone's life, which might be good or bad even, which we never imagine but still happens. In my case, it turned out to be a great achievement when I did shoot for Ranka Jewellers & within a few days, I was all over Pune on Hoardings, Newspapers & almost everywhere! It was really a turning point in my modeling career. Everyone was proud of me at that time.

3) Who inspired you to join modeling and what was the reaction from your family members?

Answer: To be very honest, I never thought to get into modeling nor did I ever try for it or never did any grooming course for the same. I was once approached by my friend to be their model for the shoot. After then eventually, I started getting many offers unknowingly. Luckily my Mom & Dad welcomed my decision and also supported me but they always made sure that I study at the same time.

4) How do you feel when your Instagram fans share your poster on their story and your dm when they noticed you during their travel near to advertising hoarding?

Answer: When I saw my hoarding for the first time, I literally had tears in my eyes. I still remember many of the calls, messages, and bouquets when they saw me on almost every street across Pune. I felt so blessed that my good wishes noticed my presence. I was overwhelmed with the love & support received. Rather many of them made a video call showing my Hoardings & social media was flooded with msgs during that time. Who's who shared the posters.

5)Share the moment's of one of memorable live interview of your life , who hosted that one ? What was the response?

Answer: Prachetan Potdar was the host & it was a covid period so we went on Instagram Live for the interview. It was a marvelous conversation we were happy with the response there were viewers from overseas as well. One of my fans wrote all the points I said in the interview and almost she wrote 20-21 pages after it. I was glad to help many by covering important points.

6) Share about the brands you worked till now

Answer: I worked for Hoardings & Print Shoot for Ranka Jewellers, Nanded City Construction Brand, Snusha Silks, and Kamakshi Couture. Also did a shoot for Oswal Jewellers, and Dilip Sonigara Jewellers. Did many catalog shoots for brands Karagiri, Beatitude, Asmi Abha, Kajree & many others.

7) Do you believe academic qualifications help to sustain in any fields?

Answer: Whenever our parents see us doing something apart from academics, as well-wishers they always ask us to keep some educational degree in hand because they know this world more than us & wanted us to get settled. I totally believe that academic qualifications have to be with us reason being this field of modeling/ acting is so uncertain, I mean "Even Sun sets every day", so there should always be plan B with us & we should not drop our education.

8) Any message for your friends and our readers?

Answer: I would like to tell them Thankyou firstly! keep supporting & loving me the same. Also be alert & safe, always trust yourself, surely you will succeed in anything then.



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