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Interview with Cricketer - Avinash Aware

1) What was the start when you decided to put yourself in this game ?

Answer: My first start was being part of Nashik Gymkhana and got selected to play senior district when i was just 17 yrs old..that's when i decided to give it a go.

2) Do you remember your first wicket Ever on the field ? Please recall the moments for our readers

Answer: My first'wicket was in a open tournament conducted by the HAL at ozar named as players league i took 1st wkt of Deepak Arora a senior cricketer nasik district.

3) As a coach please explain the takeaways from domestic tournaments like Ranji, Irani Trophy and League Like IPL

Answer: As a coach the domestic tournament like ranji , Irani and ipl are the life line of Team India, from here you make your road to the Indian cricket circuit, all clubs work hard for there players to represent ranji trophy , and from there to India.

4) We also come to know about singer within you. please go ahead and tell us more about this hobby

Answer: When I was already playing tennis ball cricket in my teens there was one Good friend called Dinesh deokar who was in to singing and music so we use to hang around his place and hear kishore kumar songs for hours together there is where I learned that i had good voice to sing and he encouraged me to take up singing but since I was very much committed to cricket i did not make much efforts for it but i kept singing for my self which later on got polished by few classes and shows.

5) As a coach How you deal with injury when you observe one of your key player is about to seat on the bench for whole season ?

Answer: As a coach when your key player is injured and will not be available we make the preparation in such way that other players make up for that place and mentally challenge all players to take up the responsibility for the team..since it's team game we make sure not too much dependency is kept on one individual.

6) Share your experience when played in England .

Answer: England has been good experience as we go there and play as professional we learn to take up the responsibility of entire team and take every body along with us to win the game , different conditions and different people and different culture makes you more wise in dealing with people .

7) If we find a coach for your kids as a parents ,what should the criteria ?

Answer: When finding a coach find out his knowledge of game and how he deals with children,his experience as player and as coach is important sometimes not all coach suits all children but adapting to the situation is key for players.

8) Share about your recent contribution to gentleman's game , and message to players

Answer: Competition has become Fierce but also the opportunity has grown with so many tournaments being played around.respect the game and people around you and your hard work will pay up one day beleive in yourself and your abilities.

9) Please tell us how to contact you after this interview

Answer: You can contact me on my social media on Facebook.

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