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India's Pride- The Rocket Boys

The series which we are going to discuss today is a series , which should be watched by each and everyone. The Rocket Boys. What a series ! It just flashed back the time where all the scientiifc research started in India. The space programs , the space research and all the inventions related to science.

The Scientist , Founder of ISRO , Dr. Vikram Sarabhai , his inventions and researches have gave the India many more things, and same is shown in the series. The character played by Ishwak Singh , has made it a point to not leave any loop in potraying the character. Similiar is in the case of Dr. Homi Bhaba , a scientist , founding director and a man who kept the idea of Atomic Bomb , character played by Jim Sarbh are the key characters of the series.

Talking about the series, we see the struggle and study , researches behind for making Independent India , a strong nation in terms of science, in terms of power, but this struggle was partly stopped or ignored due to the political aspects of India.

Finally in 4th episode of series , we also see Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam too character played by Arjun Radhakrishnan, which makes series more interesting to watch. The writer - director Abhay Pannu , have made effort to match the situations and the thinking point of view of all the big scientists at the time. We can say that it made the people know the power of their mind , that how brillant and intelligent they were in their work. The aspects related to Free India , right from Independence to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru's decisons and support to both of them , makes the series more desperate to watch.

Coming to the scientist personal life we see Dr. Vikram Sarabhai's wife Mandakini played by Regina Cassandra and Dr.Homi Bhaba's wife role played by Misako Yasuda , which are brilliantly filmed on screen. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru's character played by Ranjit Kapoor made a storng impact on series. The series also takes to the real story or real facts scenes where it is shown in Black and White , of what and how it was done.

The facts that we know that rocket parts where carried on Cycles and Tractors to the location are shown can make audience feel connected to.

The series is of not writing much on it , but just to see and know about them , and their way of thinking and also looking at the problem in a poisitive way , which is shown in one of the scene in a episode , where Dr.Sarabhai is tense for a calculation and material related thing and then entry of Homi Bhabha makes the mood and the problem solved in some minutes.

That's the story of living life , whenever we have a problem , we just have to look around for solutions, and we definitely find it. One extra step and then we are good to go.

The things which we want to know , and the things we know , but not related to real facts are shown in series and which makes it watchable. Do Watch it on Sony Liv.

Well, it is rated 9.3/10 on IMDB , so do look around if you find motivation from it.

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