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Cricket, Content and Ashwin Jangam

A person , with a rare talent is difficult to find ,and such is a journey of Ashwin Jangam , as a cricket analyst . Here are some talks we had :

1) what is the key difference between analyst of men's cricket and women's cricket ? How to get redirected to this field ?

A : The major difference is the number of people who do it. For men's circket, there are bunch of people who do it, whereas for women's cricket, only a handful do it.

I have been a follower of women's cricket since 2005. I have grown up watching Mithali Raj and Jhulan Goswami, just like our generation has grown up watching Sachin, Dravid, Ganguly. I found that in spite of playing good, women's cricket in India was really underrated. In spite of having tremendous accolades , the women's cricket remained unfollowed. India had highest run getter(Mithali Raj) and highest wicket taker(Jhulan Goswami) in the world playing together, still the audience failed to understand the quality of our women's team.

Due to the same, I always wished for better days for women's cricket to come. So when I decided to started writing, I started it by giving journeys if these women stars of India who have tremendously contributed to cricket.

2) What made you an analyst rather than content creator ?

A: There are lot of people who are analysts, and so many people who are conent creators. But there was no one who was both. So I thought I should try it. So I started making poems to summarise the match scenarios and make a analysis in poetic format. It may look like content creation, but it is the analysis of the game in a different way.

3) share memorable feedback that you received so far from you anonymous readers

A: The most memorable feedback was from an acid attack victim who comes from Marathwada. When she said reading about women cricket from my articles gives her immense joy and hope, I was truly speechless,l

4) share about your content creation journey on Instagram

A: My love for the game was always above everything. And so was my love for making poems and parodies. I thought why not to combine two things I love to make one good thing out of it. So one fine day, when India breached the Gabba in historic test match, I made a poem which summarised the match, as well as depicted what India and Australia have gone through. Fortunately for me, this was loved and shared by lot of my friends and other people, which boosted my confidence and helped me start my journey.

5) What was your experience when you appeared as key note speaker for eduthon ?

A: Amazing. Eduthon was a truly amazing initiative by Scholarstree Trust and Win Connects. In today's world, when degrees are considered to be the ultimate sign of knowledge, breaking the stereotypes Eduthon gave the insights how learning beyond syallabus is the real learning through the live examples of successful people. I was honoured to be a part of the event where I shared the screen with so many inspirational personalities from different domains.

6) Who is your idol when it comes to sports and it's unbiased analysis ?

A: I'll name two. Harsha Bhogale sir and Sunandan Lele sir. Harsha Bhogale sir is a person whom you listen for just 10 seconds and you learn something new from him. His unbiased analysis has helped many people to follow the field of cricket analysis. I have loved and adored him since my childhood.

Speaking of Sunandan Lele sir, what I adore him for is the reason that he does his analysis , as well as he asks the questions in his native language , irrespective of who the person he is asking it to.

7) What are the key interesting facts about women's cricket that known to less people

A: Lot of facts , but just to know a few

*First batter to score 200 in ODI cricket

*First instance of team score of 400 in ODI

*Youngest Centurion in International cricket

*Youngest Debut in international cricket

Few facts about Indian women's cricket

*Highest run scorer in world cricket is Indian (Mithali Raj)

*Highest wicket taker in world is Indian (Jhulan Goswami)

*India has never lost a game to Pakistan, Ireland , Bangladesh , Netherlands from the time they started playing against them

8) any message who wants to join this field ? Share your social media links and author dashboard

A: Please play the beautiful game, work hard, and own the cricketing field in a way that no person will ever say again that cricket is only men's game.

9) please summarize your thoughts when you found yourself on Google in first few results

A: I was speechless. To be honest, I thought it was a dream. I refreshed twice to see whether it's really me or not. I felt gratitude and thanked all the people who have me this opportunity, and all who read my articles.

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