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Hemant M Shinde Independent Artist of India

I Rap I write I split my flow in a Studio some time On a Mobile phone I record my sound and published the music which I created.

I am Hemant M Shinde an independent Indian Desi Hip-hop Rap Artist from the suburbs of Ambarnath Mumbai India

Your Struggle your Hard work your life for your passion sometimes Makes you disappointing, that doesn't mean you are not doing well it's a journey was positivity and failure your path that describes your situation.

Let me take you on my Journey as an artist from my childhood I always connected to music with my friends and whenever we were having married we go near to the band and tell them to play Nashik Dhol beat as it's very popular everywhere we dance we split Unknown words and we Rap on it. We sometimes brought our household appliances like empty oil Can, steel plates, spoons, and empty household bottle and we create beat from that appliances this was the most awesome memories at that time their not so much craze for the internet Not craze for any TV serial, people love to Watch Orchestra that time.

My life is always having too many failures at a point in time you asked to yourself " life may baccha kya ye bass taklif deti hai" it's not like I was in love with someone but when I work for anything that I want to achieve it is not getting done.

People love their school life but I rarely love it I only love that moment when there was a holiday or half to go Monday is always my bad day in school I came from CBSE BOARD Kendriya Vidyalaya Ambarnath school I was a street dancer but in my school, there were only love for the Folk dance or traditional dance I always neglect to get part in any event because I know people don't like street art.

I always spoke useless words of the street in the Rap form many of my friends loved to hear that, because of the flow I did and describe with no sense

In life, you don't know the things you are taking lightly it's gonna be connected with your future for a lifetime passion. Yes, I always remember that time as I am also a street dancer I Qualified for The Hip-hop International two times but due to the financial problem not able to participate as there must be around 400000 Rs needed to go to the USA to stay to perform there if you get selected, I came from a middle-class family so as I tried many auditions, Rap field is always close to me when I was I Accenture me and some of my beatboxer friend from different process together we gam and rock in the cafeteria area even split my flow on the floor yes it feels nice when people loved it. It's hard to take out time for Rap music as I am also working so I don't get more time to create more rap tracks, I go in the morning at 4.30 am and in the evening I came at 7.30 pm in the weekend time I worked on Rap videos, the short time I get to sleep.

My rap music is submitted to most US n UK Music Radio stations for podcasts I was also happy that I making Rap on my Samsung duos mobile but my Rap songs are available in the Apple store yes I have big dreams with big plans and want to work with Tyga SnoopDogg, Wiz Khalifa, Justin Bieber Travis Scott, Eminem yes people can laugh on it but it's my dream to work with this ideals

Even I tried to connect with the labels like T series, Zee Music, and Sony Music yes it worked but it's on Hold I cannot wait that much time so I published my raps on my YouTube channel even though it's available on Spotify Apple Amazon Music JioSaavn and many more.

Yes you can show your talent as social media is always the best part for me I promote my music and Tribute to my work with Amitabh Bachchan Sir Abhishek Bachchan sir and they showered their love with responses that motivate me as artists always want people Response to their work getting feedback appreciation from this Big Bollywood ideal is like a dream come true

Rejection has always been a part of my life, failure is the best path that shows how people are with you helping you and protecting you. I always work on negativity because it shows a true picture and you can upskill on it.

Work Hard one day success will Knock on your doors.

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