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Gosht Eka Paithanichi- Paithani and Relations

Planet Marathi , Golden Ratio Films, and Lakeside Productions have created a magic on screen with a National Award with cast of fablous actress Sayali Sanjeev , super cool and fine actor Suvrat Joshi and a small muchkin Aarav Shetye.

The story is simple to understand , so is the screenplay . It is one of the simplest screenplay , but difficult to project on screen. The emotions and the passion to make such film is a next level thinking. And it brings us to praise the man behind this beautiful film , who is Shantanu Rode, writer and director of the film.

Right from the teaser and trailer , it became most awaited film right from lockdown . As producers in interview said ,they were holding this film to release in theatres and that decision turned to be a appropriate one.

Talking about the roles, Sayali Sanjeev has literally lived the role of Indrayani. It is a dream role for any actor. In her interviews , we got to know about the learning of sewing machine for the film, and it made more easy to project her role on screen. Her energy , her acting was mesmerizing , and made us fall in love with Indrayani. An excellent actor , and a gem of person.

Suvrat Joshi , he is master of his all roles. Whether it could be "Sujay" from Dil Dosti Duniyadari or "Bhushan" from Man Fakira , he is one of the versatile actor Marathi Film Industry has got. His role of florist just added a sugar to a sweet. His supportive and caring nature towards Indrayani , made us to think about the relation of Husband and Wife. He performed well.

Aarav , a young actor not just made the movie look nice , but also made the duo actors more impactful . He was great with his expressions and dialogues. Especially , a last scene of firecrackers just bring a smile on face while watching it.

Mrinal Kulkarni , her role is an important factor and a sweet twist in the climax of the movie. Through the film , a calm and soothing acting with perfect expressions and some impressive dialogues fit in Smita Tai role.

Madhura Satam , Girija Oak, Aditi Dravid, Shashank Ketkar , Milind Gunaji , Savita Malpekar , Mohan Joshi , Jaywant Wadkar , such a varity of actors in different role and their bunch for this film , is a perfect casting as well as all have performed their best .

Both songs literally made people listen and sing on loop and the lyrics , music and singers have made it a album with quality and emotions.

The film shows struggle of Paithani , which Indrayani owns and the story moves around her. Especially the birthplace of Paithani , Yevle is mentioned in film , giving importance and helping in boosting Paithani bussiness.

The cinematography by Devendra Golatkar , is also good. The scenes shooted across locations of Yevle , Pune , Bhor and Kokan are nice.

A good work of colorist Pushpendra Surywanshi is seen here.

Overall , a great film , which can be watched again and again is here in Marathi Film Industry to entertain you and connect you emotion of Paithani. With IMDb rating of 8.7/10 it is leading in theatres. Do Watch.

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