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Gifting season made special with ThinkerPlace’s S.T.E.M educational DIY kits!

Pune, July 30, 2022: After nearly two and a half years the opportunity to finally celebrate festivals just like the old times is here. The pandemic surely made us appreciate the little joys of life. There’s a shift from taking things for granted to truly looking forward to spending time with our close ones on special occasions and cherishing every moment. And as the festivities kick in and we start celebrations with Rakshabandhan, a festival to let our siblings know just how much they mean to us, it’s time to pick out trendy and fun gifts for them! ThinkerPlace, an ED-Tech platform provides innovative, creative educational DIY toys and introduces children to S.T.E.M [Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics] based learning in a fun way and it can be just what you’re looking for as the gifting season sets in!

There has been a significant shift in the gifting pattern in recent times. A shift from gifting for the sake of gifting to showering each other with gifts that are creative, serve a purpose, are thoughtful, meaningful, and add that ray of positivity in their lives. If you know that your younger sibling or younger cousin is someone who is extremely creative, and has a keen interest in gaining knowledge on topics related to Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics then ThinkerPlace’s S.T.E.M DIY educational toys should be your go-to gifting option for this special occasion. These DIY educational toys spark great curiosity, creativity, and make learning complex topics fun and give these young minds an opportunity to learn and grow at their own pace. They are also a great way to introduce young ones to experiential learning at a young age. “ThinkerPlace’s S.T.E.M DIY toys were established with an aim to transform the learning process for children in the country through interactive DIY kits. What works brilliantly is that these kits are a great way to introduce and encourage young ones to experiment and give a path to creative, innovative thinking. What better way to start the process than by gifting them something that will make learning beyond books fun and inspiring”, says _______.

Gifting something to young ones can be tricky at times, but with ThinkerPlace’s educational DIY toys you get an opportunity to gift something that makes learning fun, innovative, and creative for the young minds!

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