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Gift premium skincare to your child this season, gift CITTA

Be it festivities or a special occasion, gifting our loved ones is an integral part of all those occasions and a huge part of our culture. It adds that extra warmth, and love, and works perfectly to let our close ones know just how much they mean to us, especially the little ones that we nurture and protect. Keeping this very sentiment in mind, CITTA, known for its conscious, nourishing childcare products can be just what you’re on the lookout for when it comes to gifting your friends and family.

Today, the gifting culture has evolved. People no longer opt for random purchases when gifting someone, instead, they wish to gift something that is meaningful, thoughtful, and has sentimental value. CITTA’s natural and skin-friendly baby-care range makes for an excellent and well-thought gifting option. Their unique products are carefully crafted with tradition and science using high-quality and natural ingredients that make it an ideal and premium baby bath and skincare brand that you can gift to the little ones in your family or social circle.

“The market is teeming with countless players selling curated baby skincare kits, but only a few are putting thought into it. However, CITTA has proudly created a niche segment with its specially crafted baby skincare kit that has the goodness of natural ingredients and is safe for babies. We have put so much love and thought into creating this entire product range that would benefit both parents and babies. People nowadays look for gifts that are thought-provoking and beneficial. CITTA is providing premium skincare to babies that are unique, convenient for the parents, highly safe (parents can use them blindfolded), natural, and has the reminiscence of our grandmothers' ‘nuskhes’. Celebrating any occasion with impeccable gifts is all we want. We are walking towards a sustainable and greener future, so any gift set that has a natural touch to it and can create nostalgia is something we all look for and want to invest in. CITTA can be a perfect gift option when it comes to your baby’s skincare”, says Akanksha Sharma, Co-founder, and CEO- of CITTA’.

Customers are looking for novelty items that are curated and designed with thought. CITTA has amalgamated the natural traditional regimens with state-of-the-art technology and create products that have natural ingredients, safe and gentle on baby’s skin. Convenient for parents, CITTA’s baby skincare range is just what you can opt for as the gifting season kicks in.

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