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Get Fit With Anagha - Journey of Fitness


The name itself states everything, hi I am Anaggha Rane a Fitness and Wellness Coach. Past three years I am following a healthy active lifestyle. I started as a customer in the year 2018, I joined this community for my stamina and to lose some weight. Just by following some clean eating habits, working on my routine, having portion control meals,s and having an accurate amount of nutrition, initially in 10 days, I saw amazing changes in myself, and my stamina also improved. I continued the same and within a span of 5 months, I lost amazing 9 kgs of fat and gained muscles. I am a mom to a 6-year-old kid, weight loss was never in my mind I was a proud mom, I always knew that post-pregnancy every woman goes through some other hormone changes, weight changes, mood swings, and many ups and downs. I too went through the same. To keep me engaged and diverted I kept listening to music, tried Zumba, and attended mother toddler sessions but I wasn't feeling energetic my stamina was yet low. When I stopped lactation my weight spiked up to 6kgs in just 3 months it was a drastic change for me. My coach then explained to me how during pregnancy we particularly followed things ate on time and ate all nutritious food. Later when I stopped lactation I was free to eat anything and everything that I wanted which was the reason for my sudden weight gain.

Understanding all the facts properly I made sure I followed everything properly and changed my lifestyle and habits. Now I am helping many such families get a healthy active lifestyle. You can get connected to me to understand the concept of Fitness and Wellness. You can even visit my page on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn

Coach Anaggha Rane



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