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Gangubai Kathiawadi - A strong women

Ganga , a simple and middle class girl ,wish to be a bollywood actress in films , get cheated and accidentally lands in prostitute area , and the story begins . She is treated as whore and then it becomes difficult to her to sustain in same situation. The film is based on real chacter and it shows the time where this business was possible easily . Based on Hussain Zaidi 's book "Mafia Queens of Mumbai " , Gangubai is also known as "Madam Of Kathiawadi " .

Ajay Devgan is a character which has a lot of respect and honor . As per reports it is 100cr budget film and been SLB as captain of ship , it is obvious to have a larger picture of the screen .

Along with Vijay Raaz , the film covers a drama genre and roses in audience .

The film is all about Alia Bhatt acting skills and her performance. The way she carried the character is mind blowing. The story is at mediocre level , but alia performance is the best of best this time . Her tone quality , her actions speak louder than words . Such is her performance. Going to the screenplay , it doesn't reflect us boredom . We roll in screenplay and the film continues. The Kathiawadi scenes are extremely classic shooted. The cinematography should be appreciated .Seema Pahwa and Shantanu Maheswari are the character which can't be stopped praising. Especially Shantanu . His loving angle gives a good feel in movie. We see a lot of times in lot of films that the main character doesn't explore much , and the side one , which can be called as secondary character , wins the heart such is a role of Shantanu in this film. Beyond all this pros and cons , it is surprising that the film is rated 4.3/ 10 on IDMB . And that's quite unfair in my point of view. Alia should be praised for the role . Lala played by Ajay Devgan is a supporting character and has very less scenes which might sound indifferent.

This is story where Ganga becomes Gangu and then Gangubai . And the pleasure is watching it in theatres. So do watch it in theatres near you.


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