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Forensic- A Crime Thriller film

This is a late review , of a film which has some interesting story with well acted characters.

Forensic , a film by Soham Rockstar Entertainment , Mini Films Productions , produced by Deepak Mukut and co-produced by Hunar Mukut , is avilable on OTT platform to watch. The story is about a serial killer , which is on hunt of small childrens, and the police and the forensic department is on the verge to catch the killer.

We see Vikrant Messy aka Jonny Khanna , playing a forensic doctor, who is a perfectionst in his work , has a mirco eye on the evidences and the crime scenes. The police investigation team is lead by Ms.Megha Sharma aka Radhika Apte, always on the toe for any work.

A major role played by Prachi Desai , would make to shock in happiness. She is such a excellent actor , who is underrated, and yet to make a strong statments through her role she plays, but definately not can't ignore her character in the movie.

She is shown as a psychiatrist , and her character name is Ranjana. Her role is very crucial and the climax of the movie , moves around her which is a key factor to watch this movie.

The story by Mansi Bagla and the screenplay by Vishal Kapoor , Ajit Jagtap is well written and it engages audience to keep in the story. The dialogues by Adhir Bhatt are pin point and very well excuted.

The crucial role of Rohit Roy makes the movie , made it thoughtful to watch.

The characters mix and match, the dotline connection between each characters to the key factor to watch for. The shifting scenes of past and present and connecting it to the film and the investigation seems quick and gives a boost to the story. It is an investagtive screenplay.

The suspects and the way of investigation turns up when Megha Sharma aka Radhika Apte comes in suspect chair , were the direction of the story makes a major change and gets more interesting to watch.

We see a panel of actors , like Vindhu Dara Singh , Anant Mahadevan , Subrata Datta, Narendra Gupta , Jatin Siyal , Harbandana Kaur , Sunreet Borah, Nikhil Chawla , Chahat Singh Rajput , Shardhha Bhatt, and Rohit Singh playing a great role in the film.

The acting is quite well , the plot is newly designed and excuted, the story seems interesting. Ignoring some loopholes , which seems just disappear in the movie , it is an one time watch movie.

It is avilable on Zee5. It is rated 6.3/10 on IMDb.

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