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Fitness freak National Gold Medalist powerlifter- Asha Gupta

Thanks for the chance to interview you, Asha.

Please give the readers a description of yourself. How long have you been into Powerlifting?

Answer: Hello, My Self Asha (Ashu ) Gupta since 3 to 4 yrs I am into powerlifting I started it with a passion for lifting.

Have you always been strong?

Answer: Yes, Strong is not always physically strong is always a combination of mentally, physically, and emotionally strong.

Strong is not your bone strong is your passion, your willpower your confidence, and the approach of consistency towards goals and life.

Tell us about your childhood and how you got into Powerlifting.

Answer: My childhood I am from Rajasthani Family and have always been a pampered child since childhood, my parents had given great childhood and education.

Academically I am Clinical Psychologist, Child Psychologist, Counsellor, Rehab Psychologist and Sex counselor with MBA in HR did many other various courses in the field of Psychology and handled Special populations in Mental Health Department.

I had a great start in my career as a psychologist with having my own Clinical Setup and later got a Job in an IT company also as an HR.

After that passion for changing myself brought me into fitness.

Post-pregnancy overweight brought me into fitness, to give the best healthy childhood to the child I choose to exercise.

I started Training others after a few years and today I am National Gold Medalist in powerlifting and won many awards in fitness, played Bikini and Bodybuilding also for Maharastra.

To be strong was always in my mind so fitness has always given me happiness as I choose the path of being a Fitness Coach. Today I am the Entrepreneur of my Own Gym LETS BURN GYM is also a Personal trainer for weight loss training.

How did it feel to be hanging with the professional strongman at your age?

Answer: I feel great, people appreciate, people, admire when you at low body weight stand out by lifting heavy heavy weights and gaining a name and fame in the same field at National Level. People get motivated and they get inspiration also which gives me happiness.

Name some of your other feats of strength.

Answer: I look up to the day-to-day challenges of life when I deal with any obstacle of life or of Powerlifting coz that is the best teacher, or coach who can train you well

Do you believe with the arrival of professional Powerlifting, that Powerlifting is moving in the right direction?

Answer: Yes. I believe.

Who did you look up to when you were coming up as a Powerlifter/Strongman?

Answer: Myself only.

What was one of the challenges of coming up as a Powerlifter/Strongman?

Answer: Many.

Tell us about your training and how you prepare for competitions.

Answer: Training is always hard you have to focus on yourself very much.

Does your training differ from in-season to off-season?

Answer: Yes, training and diet change as per the season because the body needs to know both phases so it is necessary to have both phases.

Explain your powerful message to young lifters.

Answer: Always believe in yourself, your Inner soul and be consistence and believe your Parents and God

To contact Asha Gupta :

Insta ID: ashufitness_icon, ASHUFITNESS_ICON

Like & Follow Her at : asha gupta raskar ashufitness_icon

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