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Film Review: Unaad (Marathi)


This film is about the People of Kokan, Friendships, and all the things which happen in school life and childhood. We are introduced to characters Shubham, Bandya, Swara and Jamil who are friends and the story roams around them.


  • Abhishek Bharate: Bandya

  • Devika Daftardaar: Bandya's Mother

  • Priyanka Tendulkar: Swara's Sister

  • Ashutosh Gaikwad: Shubham

  • Hemal Ingle: Swara

  • Avinash Khedekar: Parag

  • Chinmay Jadhavrao: Jamil

Exact Review:

The film is based in Kokan, and specifically shows struggles of Koli Community. Three friends and their life, their work and their struggles are shown here. All the characters played are overwhelming. Especially character of Shubham has a major part in the film . The film has a soothing , silent and clam tone. It also enriches the quality and keep the freshness of the scenes intact. Aditya Sarpotdar after Zombivali, made a comeback with this lovely film , which has many relations with Kokan and Koli community. The drone shots are incredible. There are five to six songs in the film , which depicts life of kokan and the people staying there. We see a hope-to-be love story ,which also adds romatic flavour to the screenplay and thus it can get connected to the audience quickly.

Talking about the acting, all characters have performed well. As mentioned earlier , character of Shubham played by Ashitosh Gaikwad , depicts meaning of life in Kokan , the sea , the fishing and overall importance of life in this world. Other two friends also seem better with performance and have played their part quite well.

The person shpuld be prasied is the creative producer of the movie , Siddhanta Ashdhir. He has a major invovlment in showing the scenes with clear sky and great visuals. Hemal Ingle and Priyanka Tendulkar also made the film look nicer then before.

Technical Aspects:

The dialogues by Kalyani Pandit and Story-Screenplay by Aditya Sarpotdar are fablous. With such a stroke of colours on a plain white canvas , his writing has made an open forum for the viewers to enjoy such genre films. The lyrics by Guru Thakur and Kshitij Patwardhan potray the meaning of life as well as illustrate the scenes which are directed on-screen. The direction of Aditya Sarpotdar is too good. The movie is produced under banner of Jio Studios- Jyoti Deshpande, Aurora Productions and Namrata Arts.

We highly recommend to watch this movie. It is rated 7.9/10 on IMDb.

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