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Film Review : "I Love You"

Introduction: This film makes you entertain and tries to give you an outlook on today's generation and their addiction towards Technology and they use it as a tool for nuisance things. Also, it involves a deep feeling of " Love" in a very crucial manner.


  • Rakul Preet Singh

  • Pavail Gulati

  • Akshay Oberoi

Exact Review:

It is said that love has no language, and love is a genuine feeling that involves heart and emotions. Here we see a different pattern, which is forced love. The movie is about 1 and a half hours, but it engages us. The antagonist has a very dark role, in stalking our protagonist and thus making her do what he wants.

See the movie, is quite predictable yet it has a tight screenplay due to the movie time. Most importantly, this subject is quite familiar to today's generation. As the " I LOVE YOU" definition and saying the method is quite changed in some possibilities, this forced love and the cruel action taken to get love from another person, is the harsh reality.

Talking about characters, yes, Rakul has done her job quite well. She displayed herself as a mindful, strong woman who can fight this overloaded love and can get out of it.

Talking about Pavail Gulati, he was the person to look for. Though a grey shade character, his acting and performance were quite impressive, giving a real touch to the role, he literally made it possible to believe his character in the real world, and also believe that these types of people are there around us, who are silent from outside, but they have a whirl of so-called love, lust and what not. To portray such characters, it takes a lot to study and make people hate this character, that is the real justice and love from the audience any grey or negative shade character has.

Technical Aspects: The story and screenplay are well-developed. The actors also have done their job, Moreover, the tone quality of the movie, the grandeur or richness, is shown quite well, appreciated job from Set Design and Production. The movie is produced by Jio Studios and Athena Production which includes Jyoti Deshpande, Sunil Kheterpal and Gaurav Bose. The movie is written and directed by the award-winning director from the Marathi industry Nikhil Mahajan, which is excellent.

Overall, it is a good movie to watch on the OTT platform.

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