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Film Review: 12th Fail

By Neel Writes

After a considerable hiatus, Neel Writes brings you a review of the thought-provoking film, "12th Fail," starring Vikrant Massey, Medha Shankar, and Sanjay Bishnoi. Adapted from the eponymous book by Anurag Pathak, the movie delves into the arduous journey of IPS officer Manoj Kumar Sharma, brilliantly portrayed by Vikrant Massey, who overcomes academic setbacks to triumph in the challenging IPS exam.

Plot Synopsis:

The narrative unfolds, tracing Manoj Kumar Sharma's struggles, from facing failures in his 12th standard to eventually conquering the daunting IPS examination. Vikrant Massey's portrayal of Sharma is nothing short of brilliant, bringing to life a character whose trajectory from a struggler to a respected IPS officer provides a fresh perspective on various facets of life and society. The film compellingly forces us to confront the harsh realities and falsehoods prevalent in a world that often overlooks individuals like Sharma.

Life Lessons:

"12th Fail" is not merely a cinematic experience; it's a journey that imparts invaluable life lessons. The film serves as a beacon of positivity, emphasizing the virtues of patience, courage, and, most importantly, the power of restarting when faced with adversity. The character's evolution resonates, delivering a powerful message about the resilience of the human spirit.

Character Craftsmanship:

The characters in the film are meticulously crafted, contributing to the movie's overall impact. Each character plays a crucial role in unraveling the layers of the narrative, adding depth to the storytelling. Vikrant Massey's portrayal of Manoj Kumar Sharma stands out, showcasing his versatility and ability to embody the complexities of the character.

Direction and Cinematography:

"12th Fail" is a testament to the directorial prowess of Vidhu Vinod Chopra. With a keen understanding of the subject matter, Chopra masterfully translates the essence of the story onto the screen. Rangarajan Ramabadran's cinematography complements the narrative beautifully, capturing the highs and lows of Sharma's journey with a visual finesse that keeps the audience engaged.

Guest Appearance:

A noteworthy element of the film is the special guest entry by Dr. Vikas Divyakirti, adding an intriguing layer to the storyline. This unexpected appearance adds depth to the narrative and keeps the audience guessing.

Production and Distribution:

"12th Fail" is a well-crafted production, with Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Yogesh Ishwar at the helm. Zee Studios takes on the responsibility of distributing this cinematic gem, ensuring it reaches a wider audience.


In conclusion, "12th Fail" is a cinematic triumph that seamlessly weaves together a compelling narrative, exceptional performances, and profound life lessons. It transcends the boundaries of a typical film, leaving a lasting impact on its audience. With a commendable rating of 9.2/10 on IMDb, this movie is a must-watch for those seeking inspiration and a fresh perspective on life's challenges. Don't miss out on this extraordinary journey of resilience, determination, and ultimate success.


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