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Featuring Ankit Khari Gurjar - Tu Aaya Na song

What inspired to become a actor ?

Answer: My own creativity whatever I do from my childhood from starting most of the I live alone away from the friends group etc and my idol was Salman Khan on that time so i really inspired with his personality body at all so then I thought that I want to become an actor

How was your experience doing this album song?

Answer: Doing this album my experience was great and amazing it was my first but I literally too good.

Please tell us the process of being selected for this song.

Answer: I wrote this song late at night when I was not sleeping I was practicing so at that time Thought came into my mind I start writing the first line I had already written and below the line, I started that time then I complete this within few hours

How was your experience working with your co-actress?

Answer: With my co- actress my experience was good she has also well performed whatever type of scenes I told her she has completely done that same.

What is your stay on recent Bollywood movies?

Answer: I am the biggest fan of Bollywood and I really want to become part of it as an actor I have done some crime series two three web series also which have not been released til now the date is also not finalized for release but yes of course I want to work into Bollywood if any kind of a good opportunity I will get then definitely I want to be part of it.

We are eager to know what will be your next project.

Answer: My next project is on friends based project which is normally in today's time I am showing something different in a friend circle so that will be a message or inspiration for friends mainly you will understand after watching so stay tuned.

Please tell us about the writing process of this song.

Answer: This song is not related to my life or anyone just my thinking creativity as I have told you earlier that I wrote this midnight so the thought came into my mind suddenly when I was preparing sitting taking a pen my dairy in my hand so not any specific.

Were there retakes while this song was shot?

Answer: Yes of course there were so many retakes, especially on that last ending fight seen it was so hard for us to show the fight the first time we were doing and the day so was so hot that's why need to take retakes.

What message you would give to aspiring actors?

Answer: For aspiring actors, I just want to say that keep doing keep hardworking with smartly whatever kind of work project you get just to do your best one day you will be there where you deserve and never stop.


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