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Empowering Education: The Lexicon Group of InstitutesJoin Forces with CESIM India in New Partnership

The Lexicon Group of Institutes is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Cesim

India Private Limited. This partnership was solidified in the presence of the Hon’ble Anna-

Maja Henriksson, Minister of State for Education, Finland, marking a significant

milestone in the pursuit of learning enhancement.

The Agreement of Association signed between the organizations signifies a shared

commitment to the empowerment of education, fostering critical thinking and problem--

solving skills among students. The event was conducted under the aegis of Education

Finland and Business Finland, further strengthening the commitment to educational

excellence. This collaboration marks a significant step towards a brighter future for students,

equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in a rapidly evolving world.

“Business simulations, in our partnership with Cesim India Private Limited, epitomize our

commitment to nurturing innovative, critical thinkers ready to shape the future. These

simulations, best suited to complement existing teaching resources, fulfil the learning

aspirations of modern learners and prepare them for the real world. They empower students

to navigate uncertain times, overcome failure, and turn the tide while offering a real-world

environment for the development of soft skills and practical application of theory.” Said Mr.

Nasir Shaikh, Group CEO, The Lexicon Group of Institutes, EduCrack, & EasyRecruit+

The core objective of this partnership is to introduce tailored business simulations that will

strengthen the analytical and creative abilities of students. The business simulation model

works by creating different scenarios that enable students to go beyond textbooks and

practically experience situations they may encounter over time. These simulations create a

competitive and dynamic environment that helps participants develop a keen and clear

mindset about the external world. The benefits of these simulations are numerous, with the

most important being the retention of knowledge.

“We are pleased to join hands with The Lexicon Group of Institutes in this endeavour. This

collaboration equips future leaders with the expertise required to excel in an ever-evolving

world, fostering a dynamic and competitive learning environment. These simulations go

beyond conventional education, preparing students to become agile and effective leaders”

said Mr Varun Patil, Managing Director of Cesim India Private Limited

This Memorandum of Understanding heralds a new era of learning and growth for The

Lexicon Group of Institutes and Cesim India Private Limited. Together, they are poised to

shape the future of education by nurturing visionary thinkers, adept problem solvers, and the

leaders of tomorrow.

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