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"Empowered You: Unveiling the Power Woman's Success Journey"

Q1. Can you share the background and history of your brand, "Empowered You"? When and why did you start this venture?

Answer: Certainly. I founded "Empowered You" two years ago with the intention of assisting individuals who struggle with nervousness and lack of confidence, offering them a new lease on life.

Q2. What inspired you to enter the field of empowerment coaching, and when did you start?

Answer: I began my journey three years ago after retiring from a public sector bank. Writing has always been my passion, and my first book's success inspired me to continue in this line of work.

Q3. As an empowerment coach, what do you see as the biggest challenges in your role?

Answer: Patience is key in this role. Success requires consistent and persistent efforts. It's important to stay committed for results to manifest.

Q.4 How do you motivate your team when faced with tight deadlines?

Answer: I approach my team with understanding and treat them like family. Rather than scolding, I communicate the importance of meeting deadlines in a gentle manner. This approach motivates them to complete tasks on their own.

Q.5 Tell us about your products and offerings as an empowerment coach, author, and motivational speaker.

Answer: I am an accomplished empowerment coach, author, co-author, and motivational speaker with 17 years of experience. I've published five books and co-authored 12 others, covering various aspects of personal development. My program, 'Empowered You,' helps individuals move forward with confidence, self-worth, self-love, and gratitude.

Q.6 Can you share any recent achievements or awards you've received?

Answer: I've been honored with 20 awards for my books, coaching, and social work, including the "Women of the Year 2023" award and the "Maharashtra Ratna" award. Additionally, I've had the privilege of delivering motivational talks in schools and colleges, including the University of Mumbai, where I addressed MSC IT students.

Q.7 Could you highlight any recent speaking engagements or notable accomplishments, such as your TEDx talks?

Answer: I've had the opportunity to give two TEDx talks, drawing on my expertise and personal experiences to inspire audiences. These speaking engagements have helped many individuals take positive steps toward a better life.

Q.8 How would you describe your coaching style and your approach to empowering individuals? Answer: Clients often describe me as compassionate, empathetic, and a great listener. Above all, I'm known as a Power Woman. I believe everyone deserves to live a fulfilling and empowering life, and I tirelessly work to help them achieve that goal.


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