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Dybuk - A myterious box story

While we think , of different ideas for a horror story , here is the one ,which somewhat failed as a story , but forcing us to see it as impractical storyline. The film revolves around Sam and Mahi , a couple , who recently shifted to Mauritius in there new home , after a shock of miscarriage in their life. They started living a normal life , but as they say , if everything is normal , then its not normal at all . Mahi , roaming around house , and planning the interoir of house , comes across a antique jewish box in a shop while shopping for their new home, which she brings home. Soon , due to unusal incidents , they both learn that box is Dyubuuk , containing a evil spirit. They approach a rabbi , for unrevealing the mystery of the box , and avoid the possesion of it.

The charcters played by Emran Hasmhi and Nikita Dutt are a sweet couple , which they have given their best shot. Some things as it is a horror story , shown impractical but due to genre , it does not affect the whole picture.

The Dybuk is really horror , the scenes shown with a ugly face , the shots reflecting in mirror , the shot while sleeping , are to be praise for . The shots taken in the entry of Emran , panning the camera , the DOP has did his best , to rectify the horror story .

Director & Writer , Chintan Gandhi ,Jay Krishnan, Manu Warrier(additional screenplay) , should be given credit for their amazing writing.

Anil George as Rabbi Benyamin, played a major role in the story , defining the power to handle the spirit and protecting the couple. Special effects are decent. Only if there was some surprise element to this mundane horror drama. Emraan Hashmi lets his muscle memory do

the acting, he’s done it so many times. he hero also shares the burden, raising hope for gender justice in the horror space. Instead of Nikita Dutta, it is Emran Hashmi who gets under the shower! Manav Kaul tries hard to make the ghost-busting Rabbi believable. So does Denzil Smith as the Father.

If you are interested in Horror- Drama movie , this is for you.

With IDMB rating of 5.2/10 , it is streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Do watch , if you are interested in Horror- Drama .

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