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Dr.Kaveri Bhosale - Ayurved Practioner Journey

Dr. Kaveri Rupesh Bhosale

An Ayurved Practioner and Balak Palak Counselor.

Nana Peth, Pune-02

✓ Regarding choosing this (medical) field:

Very frankly, it was my father's dream that I should become a doctor. My father, a social reformer of this age, had educated my mother after marriage and now she is a retired Assistant Librarian from St. Mira's College, Pune. He never discriminated between a boy and a girl and around 40 years back decided to raise an only child, may it be a girl. He tried his best to promote equality in society. He would talk about education for girls, and equal opportunities for them. He was connected to the masses. He knew in India, the ratio of doctors to the general population was very less and hence wanted me to become one. And I believed strongly in my dad, so opted for this field.

One may feel that my dad put the pressure of his dreams on my shoulders, but I actually didn't mind. I knew he had no selfish motive behind this and was doing this for society.

✓ Field of specialty:

Though I am an Ayurved practitioner I also counsel teens and their parents. Our kids, our teens are our future. If they don't grow well, they cannot make a good society. So as a parent it is our responsibility to raise not only a physical but also a mentally strong child.

Also, I have been providing Ayurvedic treatment for more than a decade at very reasonable rates for the lower socio-economical group.

Though we have been chanting 'Arogyam Dhansampada' for centuries, we have forgotten the actual meaning of it.

' *Swasthya Swastha Rakshanam!

Aturasya Vikar Prashanam!!'*

says Ayurveda, which means Ayurveda not only cures your diseases but also helps to prevent them. As we say, prevention is better than cure and Ayurved helps you to do so. Ayurved is not only a healing therapy, it is a way to lead a good healthy life.

But it's a very sad scenario, that we are not following this therapy, our own tradition.

Also, the people where I practice do come from a middle class, or lower middle class and every time suggesting investigations are not possible. People are not aware of the value of their bodies. They won't mind spending hundreds on outings and artificial luxuries, but one physical test and they hesitate. These are our challenges in our day-to-day life. Convincing people for a routine checkups, and making them aware of upcoming health issues becomes a real difficult task.

Well, you see, a doctor is a person who can be a friend of all the members of the family. People trust you and confide in you and it is a major responsibility.

From kids to the elderly, they share their secrets, their pains, their heartaches and you have to be the healer. I feel fortunate to relieve someone's pain, make their life better, and guide them to the proper path. The smiles on their faces make it worth it. All your hard work, pains, and difficult days vanish seeing their smiles.

Many times we forget that doctors are human beings too. They too have emotions. They have strengths and weaknesses as well. I feel I am a very sensitive person, which at times is my strength but a weakness as well. My sensitivity helps me to connect with people easily. I can relate to their problems. But sometimes it's a weakness because it makes it difficult to think or decide rationally.

My parents, my husband, and especially my daughter have been a great support in my journey. They are my pillars. My daughter has been my companion in my clinic since she was 6 months old.

Now a 16-year-old teenager, she has been watching me and the daily patient issues have made her a very sensible and responsible person. She is a young filmmaker and makes short films highlighting social issues. Her films have been officially selected and also won a few International short film contests. She is a good reader and a record holder of 'Youngest to Write a Travelogue in India' by India Book of Records. I feel blessed that I am raising a child who is socially aware and tries to find solutions in her films.

Apart from counseling and medical practice, I also have a group of ladies whom we gather regularly and have talks about their financial problems, and domestic problems and try to resolve them.

Financial freedom is the need of these females and hence we have also started 'Bachat Gat' so that they arise from their problems and lead a better life.

Well, I feel I'm doing my dream job. I don't have a boss, still, I earn. I don't have to answer to anyone. My patients trust me and are satisfied. What else does one need in their life?

My dad would say, "Success is not what you have, but what you are!!" and at present receiving this 'Maa Award', being recognized for my work, I really feel on top of the world.

Thank you!


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