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Dr G - Insights of the Gynaecologist

This film of Ayushman Khurana , is another movie of the series , which relates to the medical field. This time , Ayushman aka Dr Uday Gupta , accidently lands in Gynaec field , from Ortho.

This film is literally a example of struggle of gynaecs , their study factor , perspective to look at male gynaecologist , and things related to it.

There is a section of people in society , who are narrow minded , and think that gynaec should always be a women, but this film is a straight forwad answer to those section , that male gynaec can be compitent to do delivery and save the lives.

The film shows many situations related to pregnancy , deliveries. The whole movie , is on a plot of matureness, proper knowledge of gynaecology and the mindset of handling various patients with various methods.

There are many songs , which carry forwads the screenplay and make it ti the climax of the movie. The main motto of the movie , is to delete the thought of discrimination of men in Gynaec field and also develop open-minded thought in women to let men examine.

The movie , simultaneously goes through a process of aloness , relationships and related factors.

The direction by Anubhuti Kashyap seems decent and the screenplay by Sumit Saxena,

Saurabh Bharat,Vishal Wagh,Anubhuti Kashyap makes a satisfying statement throughout.

The Rakul Preet Singh character" Dr Fatima Siddiqui" , adds a romance and more energy to the film. We see a bunch of movies from Rakul this year, and this one surely adds a significant remark in her journey of movies. Her role in this movie is a supporting character soon becomes mian with the other team of girls team like Shefali Shah , Priyam Saha,Shraddha Jain,Puja Sarup, Karishma Singh,Anju Gaur adds more humor and comedy to the screenplay.

Abhay Mishra and Indraneil Sengupta also made a sutle charcters for the movie.

This film was announced in December 2020 being the first directorial film of Anubhuti Kashyap, and Rakul was signed later in Feb 2021. There are total of 8 tracks in movie with good music by Amit Trivedi , Amjad Nadeem Aamir and Sultan Sulemani, while Background score handled by Ketan Sodha. The end , might not get many likes as it shows a normal flow of screenplay, and not a twist which audience might be expecting.

Well , a one time watch movie is here to entertain you , and soon will be on OTT , guessing on Amazon Prime Video. Do watch in theatres in you. While it is rated 7.5/10 on IMDb.

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