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Don Cutting Part 3: Impactful Dialogues with a nice story

We have the third part of one of the successful Feature films, starring Akshay Kelkar and Samruddhi Kelkar in the lead. The story is more developed and we see a new phase of life in this film.

Akshay aka Kunal is a Painter (Artist), while Samruddhi aka Anvita is a Writer. Both are happily married and we are put in a phase of watching their next important thing in life which is pregnancy. The point is, what happens next ? is the whole story.

We have a guest appearance cum a twist in the story who is Avni aka Amruta Deshmukh.

Talking about the characters, apart from part 1 and part 2, there is more maturity, depth, understanding, and give&take, which looks very well on-screen. There are two types of people in this world, Introvert and Extrovert. In this case, we see an introverted person, becoming an extrovert sustaining lots of pressure and relationship misunderstanding, now the question is exactly who became extrovert or more expressive? For that, you have to watch the film.

Talking about performances, three of the actors have done their job great, except Amruta Deshmukh looked overacting at some point in time, yet it changed after an emotional scene.

Akshay Kelkar is a fantastic actor, he literally nailed it off. His emotional scenes with Samruddhi literally make us emotional and help us to understand the power of love. His caring nature, his angry mood, and his convincing power all put together makes Kunal, the character he plays in the film.

Samruddhi Kelkar shows a supportive nature yet the greatest emotional quotient while facing the character of Akshay. Each and every perspective has to be understood and then acted impactfully, which is the key factor that displays her character. Right understanding, caring, and always backing the husband in his decisions, show the story of impactful love.

Talking about the screenplay and dialogues, they are just awesome. Mostly the screenplay and dialogues are just made for Akshay and Samruddhi. It displays the right method to approach any problem in relationships, understand better, behave nicely, make your partner comfortable and share anything with him/her. These key factors are shown, which audience might get engaged and like the film.

The moral of the film, or what to take from the film is maybe a problem-solving nature, an emotionally strong person, and Acceptance. These factors could be the mantra of a successful relationship.

The cinematography by Kunal Kadam seems nice, and the drone shots are excellent.

Moreover, talking about the lyrics by Sagar Babanagar, with the voices of Akshay Kelkar and Samruddhi Kelkar and Kiaan Kalekar (KK) gives a nostalgic feel while watching the film, with a young tune with it.

The Maitara song flows behind the scenes. is sung by Mangesh Borgaonkar, with lyrics of Sadhana Kakatkar and music by Anay Naik.

Overall a beautiful feature film is here on Youtube to watch.

Here is the link to watch the film:

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