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Sagar Sant Debut as an Actor with Dil Dimag Aur Batti

We had a very graceful moment in interviewing a special guest Mr. Sagar Sant , who is debuting as an Actor in a upcoming marathi mad comedy film

Here are some talks we had.

1) Share your work on debut as an actor

Every actor looks for an opportunity and all of us had an amazing opportunity to show the unexplored side. If you see my character Dil, there are no common threads if you compare dil to real me. And that is exactly what every actor is searching for. Something different and unusual. Dil dimag aur batti has comedy , emotions flowing through the film and action sequences on top of it. So it’s a complete entertainment package.

2) How was the support from the technical team for this film?

Technical team is the backbone of any film. They are the leading contributing factors in a filmmaking process. They make you look , sound , feel good. And that’s what makes your presence feel good in any film.

3) Share memorable moments on the set

It was fun!On set energy was beyond my imagination. We shot the climax together. It was a 10 to 12 days schedule. 15 actors together sounds fun but if you step into the production’s shoes it is very difficult to manage the schedule. We can definitely make another comedy film if we compile all the behind the scenes! Now you can imagine the laughter, jokes and the madness which was also a part of the shoot process!

4) What are the learning lessons from legendary actors like Dilip Prabhavalkar and Vadana Gupte ?

It’s always a learning process when you are in front of the camera but when you are sharing the screen space with legends you need to be careful and match their energy level. They were sweet enough to make us ( the youngsters ) feel comfortable. We had fun and I am sure you will also enjoy watching us on the big screen.

5) What is the strength of theme of this film ?

This film is a retro film with a unique spice added to it. We’re used to the typical approach which is being applied in every film. Our team has worked hard to make something different just to make you all laugh. It’s a spoof with a good story and screenplay. We’ve mind boggling characters with many surprise factors attached to every character. Every character in this film is important and the space for every actor is equally distributed. You’ll witness comedy, emotions and action sequences as well. Complete entertainment package!!

The only logic in this film is the illogic. It’s a mad mad mad comedy with a powerful story and screenplay!

6) Any appeal to marathi movie fans

I urge you all to see this film in theatres because you will definitely enjoy this film on a big screen. We all need a mental break post lockdown and here is the opportunity to set yourself free and enjoy. This film is a spoof and a very different experiment is being made in the marathi film industry. We all have worked beyond our comfort levels and worked hard just to make a film which will give happiness to you all. This is a mass entertainer meant for every age groups. What are you waiting for??!! Just go and have fun on 22nd April 2022!

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