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Diary of Vinayak Pandit" - A Silent Symphony of Art and Emotion"


"Diary of Vinayak Pandit," a Marathi film produced by Planet Marathi, Chitraboli Creations, and One Cam Productions, is a visually compelling and emotionally resonant journey into the life of a mute painter and his profound connection with the students of a small village school. Mayur Sham Karambailkar directs this artistic gem, and it showcases the remarkable talents of actor Avinash Khedekar as Vinayak Pandit, along with a strong supporting cast including Suhas Shirsat, Payal Jadhav, Pranav Ratnaparkhi, and more.

A Silent and Expressive Tone:

One of the standout features of "Diary of Vinayak Pandit" is its silent, expressive, and deep tone. The film relies on the power of visuals and minimal dialogue to convey its narrative, and it does so brilliantly. This approach draws viewers into the world of Vinayak Pandit and allows us to experience the rich tapestry of emotions he goes through.

A Unique Narrative Structure:

The film's narrative structure is both intriguing and engaging. It seamlessly shifts between the past and the present, unravelling the layers of Vinayak Pandit's life. The use of a diary as a narrative device adds a personal touch, as we get to glimpse Vinayak's innermost thoughts, daily activities, and the impact of these on his life.

A Heartwarming Love Story:

"Diary of Vinayak Pandit" also weaves a heartwarming love story into its narrative. The natural progression of love and the bonds of friendship between the characters are portrayed authentically, adding depth to the film.

Exploring the Life of an Artist:

The film delves into the life of an artist, highlighting the initial struggles, the pain of being mute, the development of beliefs and principles, and the frustrations that come with the artistic journey. Avinash Khedekar's portrayal of Vinayak Pandit is nothing short of exceptional, as he masterfully brings out the nuances of the character.

Supporting Cast and Crew:

The supporting cast, including Suhas Shirsat, who plays Vinayak's teacher and best friend, delivers commendable performances that complement the lead actor's brilliance. The creative producer Suresh Talekar and creative director Vishal Sangale deserve special mention for their visionary contribution to the film. Additionally, the drone shots and camera work by Sopan Purandare enhance the movie's visual appeal.


"Diary of Vinayak Pandit" is a unique cinematic experience that takes viewers on a contemplative journey through art, emotion, and the human spirit. While the film may not be everyone's cup of tea due to its silent and expressive approach, it is undoubtedly a one-time watch for those who appreciate the art of storytelling through visuals and emotions. With its rich narrative, strong performances, and skilled craftsmanship, this film earns a solid rating of 3.5/5 stars.

In cinema, where dialogue often takes centre stage, "Diary of Vinayak Pandit" stands out as a testament to the power of silence and the beauty of artistic expression.

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