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Dashing Youtuber - Mr. Wasim Shaikh

· Q1 Have you ever had any setbacks and if so, what were some of them?

I have had many setbacks in my Personal as well as my Professional life. There were some setbacks where people literally asked me to stop YouTubing as they told me that this is not the age to do all this stuff.

There were instances where I had to overcome the fear of speaking in public, I still remember making the Magarpatta Food Vlog I had literally gone 5 times to all the same hotels and tried to speak in public but I failed. After trying 5 times, 6th time I succeeded.

Also, there were some vlogs where I had to go to places to make a vlog, it took me days and weeks to shoot and upload the vlog, however, the views I got on those videos were not satisfying. But what I feel is to take experience from each and every moment of life. Setbacks are an important part of life, if you don’t have a setback in life you will never learn new things. I'm very keen on taking feedback and learning from my mistakes. So keep on experiencing and do not get depressed if you have any setback in life.

· Q2 On average, how long does it take for you to put out a video?

It takes around a week’s time to shoot and edit and upload it on YouTube as I’m uploading weekly videos and also have to manage my office. Initially, when I started shooting and uploading the videos it took me around 3 weeks to do the entire process, however, with time I got used to it and now I can shoot, edit and upload in 2 days.

· Q3 Who is the one other personality that influenced you the most? Share the lessons you learned from him/her.

From Childhood I was a camera person, we had a camera where we have to click photos with a camera roll, I have around more than 400-500 photos with negatives of my childhood. But if you ask me who actually influenced me to start YouTubing is ‘Mumbaikar Nikhil’, his struggle in life and his love for making videos was the thing that interested me more while watching his videos. He started YouTubing even when no one use to see YouTube videos and nothing stopped him from making YouTube videos. His dedication to making videos, his way of thinking and taking quick decisions, his way of maintaining relationships with people, and his way of talking positively in his videos influenced me a lot.

Q4 How do you manage your time between work and life? Tell me more about the struggles

You’ve faced and are facing and how you are overcoming them.

Maintaining time between work and life is the most difficult thing. You are expected to be perfect and give your 200% in the office and where you have to give your best making a video. You have to create a balance between these 2 things, where you cannot compromise on anyone. As an employee, you cannot compromise on the work you do and cannot compromise on the videos you make as now people are expecting things from me. So your manager and your audience are the important people in your life where you have to deliver and give your best.

There were instances where I had to leave from office early to complete my shoot on the location, however, due to workload had to cancel the shoot on that day. The only thing I know is I have only 8 hours to sleep and rest I have to manage my work and shoot. With Hard work and dedication you can achieve anything in life.

I remember this phrase from the movie Sultan “Koi Tumko tab tak hara nai sakta jab tak tum khud se na haro”

· Q5 How do you tailor content for those channels? Do you think the audiences are different?

That’s a very interesting question and I have done so much to think about what will make the audience watch my videos. There are various segments of the audience who are interested in watching a variety of things. So I have to think about what will attract people to watch my videos which will interest them and also which will give them knowledge and also benefit them. Nowadays, people are getting educated and I believe people are more interested in exploring new things and learning new things, things which they don’t know. It is very difficult to find out things which are not very popular yet interesting. But it is a job of a YouTuber to find out things that will give people knowledge and also provide them learning.


Q6 Who would you like to give credit to for your success?

A successful person is someone who sets and achieves goals. Some people may define success as being happy and fulfilled, while others may define it as having status and accomplishments. However, success according to me is the way I look at things and achieve them, you have to work hard to achieve success. There are so many unethical ways to achieve success but achieving success in an ethical way will give you inner satisfaction and peace of mind. It will show what kind of person you are. Success may be easy to achieve but very difficult to maintain. If you think wisely then success will always be with you.

I still remember my cricket coaching in my school days when I use to go to play for a school in Camp, Pune. I will not forget the days of those training, where my coach ‘Mr. Akhlakh Sir use to run behind me if I did not hit the middle stump. I use to hate him initially but it was only because of him we use to win in almost all the matches. We were the best team of that time. I realized that time that if we want to achieve things we have to work hard on it.

· I would like to give the credit for whatever I’m today to my Parents who were there with me in whatever I do and supported me, and encouraged me throughout my life.

· God who gave me a direction to pursue my dreams.

· My Teachers helped me to groom and give me the knowledge to judge what is good and what is bad in life.

· And yes of course to my friends who actually encouraged and motivated me in my success.

· Q7 Remember last time when you were furious? What made you that angry?

I'm at a stage where things do not make me furious, but sometimes you just need to think wisely and move on with the situation. There may be many such situations in your life but you have to tackle things wisely.

One Classical Example is if you shake a bottle of coke and when you open the bottle, it will explode and all the gas comes out in a volcanic way. However, if you shake a bottle of water, will it give you the same reaction? No, it will still be the way it was when it was closed.

A person should also be like water, people will always tell you thousands of ways to get angry but you have to just think and act wisely like the water.

· Q8 If one thing you could change about YouTube or Social media, what would it be?

YouTube and social media do have lots of potential and if people use them wisely they can create wonders. Social media is very much essential in today’s world, we can say it become a necessity nowadays, however, we should use it wisely. I don’t want to change anything about social media platforms, however, would like to urge people not to hurt anyone’s sentiments by commenting hurtful things, there might be differences of opinions but taking it in the incorrect manner is very wrong. So we the people can change and should understand the importance of things and the people around us and social media.

I would love to start a chain where we are mobile-free for 1 day in a week, where we will not touch our cell phones one day in a week and see what happens, we should try this and see how much time we give and where we utilize our time. Can we??

Q9 Any advice for newcomers? How to reach you? Share your social media links

For Becoming a YouTuber you should not fear making and doing what you like. When you make a video where you think that you have given 200%, am sure that video will do well. Not in video but in any field if give your best in anything you will get good results. You should be consistent if you want to become a YouTuber that will show the audience you are really interested to improve and make videos. You have to get out of the ‘Bhed Chal’ to follow others and listen to your inner self and start doing what makes you feel happy. There was no instance where I was discouraged from making videos as I don’t want to make money or get views, I just want to do what I like and do what I want in life, and ultimately you will get all the other things followed behind you. Try not to copy, make your own stuff, and let others know that you are different. Always keep on experimenting with the content that will make you stronger and give you experiences of what to make and what not to make.

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