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Cricket star Pushkar Sharma's favorite cafe - Coffee Casa

What type of cafes do you like?

I used to go to cafés, but I started out at coffee houses. It's a pleasure meeting with Miss Anhar and Fatema at Coffee Casa. I love places like these.

What is the reason to u like this cafe?

In Coffee Casa ambiance is great and the staff Coffee Casa is extremely polite. At our table, Daniel was taking care of us. He came to me and said, "I was a big fan of cricket. I watch all the cricket matches. It's a pleasure to meet you here". I received lots of love and blessings from Coffee Casa.

What is the unique thing in this cafe which you couldn't find anywhere else?

The place is amazing. There is an inside coffee shop space and an outdoor lounge bar area. The view from the coffee casa is so amazing.

What dish do you like the most?

The burger was very nice. I like their Paneer burger too much. If anyone in Nairobi wants to try a burger, I will always recommend Coffee Casa.

How good would you rate the cafe?

10 OUT OF 10.






What would you recommend your friends to have in this cafe?

Definitely yes, you can come with your family and friends. You can have quick meals, pizzas, hot and cold drinks, etc. Please try once, and you'll always come here again. Everything in this cafe is absolutely spot on.

A word for the owners and staff of this cafe from you?

Anhar. A. Essajee - She is the founder and designer of Coffee Casa. She had a dream to have her own restaurant and her travels inspired her to open a trendy, fashionable café that exudes positive and creative vibes. Her slogan of mi casa es su casa means every customer should feel part of her #casafamilia. She empowers women and supports local artists to hold events at the outside lounge area such as music album launches, comedy nights, and book clubs, and “I love having Pushkar around, he has such great energy, I’m a fan too!”

Fatema Essajee - She's a young girl full of good energy and takes care of creating new recipes and giving personalized service. She is the barista and mixologist at Coffee Casa, be sure to try out her hot cocktails and coffee drinks!

“Pushkar is such a humble and great guy! I love he loves Coffee Casa”

Name of the cafe:- Coffee Casa

Location:- Doctor plaza, Mezzanine floor, 3rd Parklands avenue, Nairobi city



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