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Conversation with TedX Speaker Mrs.Jaspriya Gandhok

There are lot of motivational speakers in world , all of them make their own way to reach out the audience, in different way. But we are grateful to have a Tedx Speaker today for an interview. Here are some talks we had :

1) In our lives, there is phase like starting from a scratch, we would love to hear your thoughts about it.

Answer - There are many moments when you have to change course of your life in order to reach your destination. However there are certain life altering event when the destination itself changes and that's when you feel that you have to start your journey all over again, set a new course instead of just making some changes. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Such events in one's life mark growth and resilience.

2) What are a fee major changes about mental health awareness that you have observed in your coaching career ?

Answer - I'm glad to say that there is a rising awareness about mental health issues and people are more open to seeking help. There is also growing sensitization and the need for mental well being is being discussed. People have started to understand the difference between emotional, mental, psychiatric and neaurologocal problems.This is a heartening sign but we still have a long way to go.

3) How did you utilize your lockdown days ?Share some memorable moments

Answer - Lockdown was a difficult time for the world at large however it also presented us with opportunities to reflect on our life-style and choices. For me the most positive outcome of lockdown was that I got back to poetry and started performing at online open mic events. I also bonded more strongly with my children as we worked as a team to overcome the challenges we faced.

4) Life is all about twist and turns , we want to know about turning points within your life

Answer - I agree, life is all about twists and turns, highs and lows. And this is what makes life interesting. There have been many turning points in my life, too many to mention all of them here. But the moat recent ones have been my mom's death and breakdown of my marriage. Both were very sudden, so sudden that my life changed in blink of an eye.

5) Share the most memorable feedback of your life.

Answer - I have been in the field of Learning and Development for all my professional life and there have been many instances where the people I interacted with had a lot of positive things to say. All such feedback is encouraging and memorable. It is difficult to mention one instance when I have trained, mentored and coached thousands of people.

6) Why are poets different than rest of the world ? How you explored this passion?

Answer - Poets are just the same as any other person, it's just that they have a silent perspective or mode of expression. Poets are driven by same emotions as all other humans, maybe they are more deeply moved by the experiences.

My foray into poetry was purely accidental. I started writing when I was in 6th grade. It was for a school project. We had to write five self-written poems on birds. I enjoyed writing so much that it continued even after after project was completed.

7) What are the key parenting challenges, especially patenting of teenagers, in this post covid era ?

Answer - Parenting at every stage is challenging and while there are many resources available to teach you all about it, it's still easy to get it wrong. Yes, teenage years are more difficult and covid restrictions have added to that challenge. Adolescence is a period of transition for children. Treating them as equals, giving them due respect and involving them as partners helps for foster a healthy relationship. With children being stuck at home, grappling with online mode of studies and face with uncertainty around future, covid has made teenage more challenging. Parents can help their children by having open communication and acknowledging the challenges that children are facing. Be present for assure unconditional support.

8) Please share some cherished moments from TedX talk.

Answer- I am used to speaking in front of an audience, that's my profession literally. However,  the enormity of speaking atTEDx stage was daunting. It is not just about speaking, it's more about delivering an impact full message. After I delivered my talk, many women walked up to me and said they were moved to tears after listening to me because they could relate to my story in some way or the other. The fact that they felt they found a voice through me was very humbling and it is one of the most cherished memories from that event.

9) Share a bit about future aspirations and how to reach out for your sessions ?

Answer- I want to continue my work in coaching and mentoring for personal and professional excellence. However, I also want to work on bringing about social change, specifically mindset change around gender issues and value education. I want to work closely with women and children as they are the first and most impacted groups in face of adversity.

I can be reached through social networking platforms:

You can also connect with me through WhatsApp on +91 77983 07094



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