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Conversation with Swimming Champion Sinori Khaladkar

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

I had an opportunity to Interview her and was so grateful to know about her Journey. Here are some talks we had :

1) How do you incorporate teaching into your swim lessons?

Answer : I became the swimming coach around 5 years ago and since then I have taught swimming to more than 500 people of every age. Two years ago I used to manage my college in the morning and my job as swimming coach in the evening. It was hectic but my passion for swimming always kept me energized. I only wished to become a swimming instructor in the first place because I loved spending time in the water! But after receiving my training to become a coach, I started teaching young little children to swim. I really enjoyed their company along with making them feel safe in the water. They all learnt swimming very well. I then conducted special batches for women as well. After being into this field for 3 to 4 years, I started taking coaching for competitive swimmers too. I am truly glad that I got the chance to train such young students of mine.Learning to swim is a life skill which everyone should have and it feels satisfying to teach it to people.

2) What was your first championship title? Please cherish some of the memories

Answer: I received my first championship when I took part in rescue life saving society’s national level competitions. I represented Maharashtra in those rescue events. For this competition I received the training of rescuing people who are drowning in the water. It made me qualified to even become a professional lifeguard. There were heavy mannequins which we had to carry while swimming from one point to another as if we were carrying actual humans and saving their lives. There were many such events in which I participated and won for our state. It was indeed a great unique experience.

3)How do you handle pressure while coaching different students with variety of abilities ?

Answer: while handling students with different abilities and different grasping points it asks of patience from the coach indeed. But I managed to handle them because the joy of teaching children and finally seeing them swim confidently because of you is what every coach enjoys. Some children resist swimming at all, some are afraid of water or some are over enthusiastic who might run into some trouble if they are not under watch!! I learnt how to deal with them differently according to their own caliber. I remember one such student of mine; he had a learning disability disorder and he was quite obese for his age of 6 too. I had given constant attention and had to give him different training than others by taking in considerations of his special needs. But he was a lovely student who liked swimming very much. He learnt swimming well though much later than that of others of his batch.

4) Did you get featured in live interview ? How was your experience ?

Answer : I did get featured in a live interview hosted by Mr. Prachetan Potdar. It was my first experience of talking in a live interview. On that platform, I could talk about my entire journey of swimming, of being a competitive swimmer, and of being a swimming coach. Through the audience I connected with many talented people who did pass some knowledge to me as well. People asked me questions about my field and I was happy to share my experiences and teachings with them. I received much appreciation from the audience which made me feel really grateful.

5) What was the biggest lesson from swimming to your regular life ?

Answer : ) I am a long distance swimmer. I have swam for 5 km to 3 km in the open Arabian sea. Those state and national level swimming competitions gave me an adventurous experience as a swimmer. I trained myself with the guidance of my coaches Bhagat sir very vigorously and with perseverance. While I was out there in the water I learnt to believe in myself, and never to give up on my goals because the seashore is not that far away! Because of this positive mindset I kept moving forward. When you are swimming in the ocean there’s no way of stopping even when you feel tired so I pushed myself a little harder each time i could see the shore and realized that in our life it’s only us who can truly help us in achieving our goals, others can cheer for us, pray for us but in the end it’s only us who has to take the action and make things happen.

6) What was your reaction when you got aparajita awards for swimming

Answer : I felt very overwhelmed when I received my aparajitaa award of 2022. It was an honor to be recognized by the team of win connects and tech of eduthon. I represent all women swimming coaches and competitors who give their 100 percent despite the odds. This award definitely boosted my spirits and am ready to give my best in my further path as a swimmer. Also I got inspired by many other wonderful women who won this award with me on international women’s day. I’m glad that I got this platform to interact with these women and give further guidance to young female swimmers.

7) What are the next goals for you in this field ?

Answer : My next goal in this field is to swim for 10 km and much more distance in the sea and win a gold medal for Maharashtra. I am also dedicated to joining the Indian army so that I could serve my motherland and also train myself harder and with perfectionism to represent India one day at the international level. I am training for my further competitions too and I shall not stop until I reach my heights.

8) Share about your academic background and family support

Answer : my mom recognised my hobby in swimming and my dad made me disciplined enough to be a good swimmer. He shaped an athlete out of me. My coach, Bhagat sir, pushed me harder and I learnt to cross my comfort zone in order to reach success. I truly am grateful to my coach and my family for supporting me in all my endeavors. They always were there for me in my times of success and failures. They kept encouraging me to give my best.

9) any message for the one who wants to join swimming

Answer : I would like to say to all the young swimmers; find your game, find your game. And if it fuels your soul, then you should pursue it with your mind, body and heart. If you have found your love for swimming then keep giving your 100 percent and don’t question your abilities even if some failures encounter you. In order to become a great athlete you will have to go through every ups and downs. But remember to stay grounded and give sincere and consistent efforts. Keep alive the fire inside you and have a sportsman like attitude to your failures, and also learn from these experiences. This all will definitely help you in life when the day comes.


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