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Coastal Krithi on the Successful Ride

1) Share about your childhood and a turning point

Answer: I was born and brought up in the coastal land of Karnataka Mangalore. I completed schooling in st. mary's pre-University. I graduated from Canara first grade and PG college. I also Handled accounts of 4 IT firms in Mangalore. I represented my state in national-level athletics and basketball.

The turning point of my life was when my child was born. In which my life my career changed from counting numbers to fitness and dance trainer and then to model and now proudly representing my country in MRS.UNIVERSE.

2) What was the most crucial tough call in your life? any regrets for the same

Answer: It was when I started deciding my on baby or career wherein I dropped my career for a few years for my baby but never regret it.

3) Share your thoughts about grooming and the pageant boom in the Indian market. How do we find out the genuine people from this sector?

Answer: Many event organizers have come up in the past few years but getting into the right one is very important because it's once lifetime experience and knowledge. Before getting into any first step know the background of the organizers and the people connected with them.

4) Share about one of the memorable final rounds you faced till now.

Answer: This was my most memorable experience when the jury member asked about the best moment of being a mother and when I answered my eyes were filled with tears because it was when my son called me "AMMA".

5) Any update about your preparation for Mrs. Universe?

Answer: Preparations are going in full swing and hectic of course but as all of us know no pain no gain, after all, I am representing my country so no compromise.

6) Share about your latest coverages and awards you received

Answer: Awards are always special but one close to my heart was MAA AWARDS cause that was the word to whom I am now. My story was published on various media pages where people loved it and which helped them to stand up for themselves to live their dream.

7) Are you a secret sharer or a secret keeper? Why it is so?

Answer: Definitely, secret keeper. Because if someone is sharing the secret with me it's because of the trust and belief they have in me which I don't want to lose.

8) How do you manage to keep professional and personal life at the same time?

Answer: Well, it's a difficult task managing both equally well but as the word impossible itself says I'm possible then it's all on your mindset and how well you manage time and your relationship.

9) Any message for our readers?

Answer: If u dreaming of the life you want, then be ready to good work for it because there is no limit to living your life it is only once so that you don't regret it when turning back and see.


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