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Clavis International Signs MOU with Apexx Media

Clavis International, a global data science and advanced analytics company joins hands with Apexx Media (Brand Creators), a global communication firm, specializing in 'Brand Development through Integrated Public Relations Strategy, to offer tailored B2B PR Services. Together, Clavis International and Apexx Media will provide customized B2B PR services to agencies worldwide.

"The CEO of Clavis International's India and SEA division, Vikas Deo, announced the signing of the MOU with Apexx Media and stated, I am thrilled to join hands with Apexx Media to redefine how agencies approach public relations, harnessing the power of seamless integration, and empowering businesses to achieve unprecedented levels of success," says CEO, Clavis International.

"Through this collaboration, agencies across India will now have access to a diverse range of tailor-made PR services, encompassing strategic communication planning, media outreach, crisis management, and much more. Our combined pool of talented professionals and unrivalled knowledge of the Indian market will ensure that agencies can confidently navigate the ever-evolving media landscape with exceptional efficacy", he says.

"Director of Apexx Media (Brand Creators), Poonam Mahajan, informed that we understand that in the present constantly evolving market space, the one-size-fits-all formula doesn't work well for different organizations; hence, in order to meet the distinct needs of each B2B and D2C client, We have a formal partnership with Clavis International, and our goal is to create an agile agency with specialized knowledge in specific fields, in order to offer a one-stop solution for all brand promotion and performance marketing needs of the clients.

Apexx Media is a global communication firm that specializes in brand development. Our clients see an average of 96.2% increase in demand and a lift of 63% after working with us. We partner with institutes and organizations to evolve, promote, and protect their brands and reputations. In association with Clavis International, now we are targeting the B2B and D2C segments of clients worldwide, added Poonam Mahajan.

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