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Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga - Suspense and Thriller

One of the most interesting film , is streaming on Netflix , which is led by Yami Gautam and Sunny Kaushal. A film , which is Produced by Maddock FIlms , and directed by Ajay Singh and Produced by Dinesh Vijyan and Amar Kaushik.

Film is about and hour and 50 minutes , but showing a tight screenplay and great plot , it engages us in many ways. There is a dual plan of robbering by two parties, and it is creatively displayed onscreen. There is robbery, Plane Highjacking , fighting and many more , which will excite you to sit back and just enjoy the movie.

Talking about performaces ,Yami Gautam Dhar has nailed it. Sunny Kaushal too gave his best shot. The story starts from Sunny Kaushal and ends at Yami Gautam , which we get to know after the interval.

Another two mian characters , which played major role , and film is incomplete without them are Sharad Kelkar and Indraneil SenGupta. These two people have literally made the screenplay move around them , in second half till the climax and end.

Sharad Kelkar playing an officer , is smart enough to understand things , yet the story has many twists to go to the exact reality of what situtaion is !

While Indraneil SenGupta , playing an important character , supported the story in many ways to have a perfect robbery plan.

We see an 360 degree change in film , which literally can shock us ,and also engages us to know the exact happenings , which are shown later in the movie.

The writing of the film , is to be prasied. Siraj Ahmed and Amar Kaushik , with additional screenplay writing of Trishant Shrivastav , has given to boom to such topics and also made it successful to run on OTT platforms. Geninuely , such story and screenplay would really set and example of changing the perspective towards Bollywood.

Overall , its worth watching movie , and you will get entertain with suspense, thriller, and many twist. WIth an IMDb rating of 8/10 , it is streaming on Netflix.

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