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Building Entrepreneurs: Lexicon MILE's Patent Workshop Adds Practical Edge to Entrepreneurship

Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership and Excellence (Lexicon MILE) remains steadfast in inspiring and equipping its students with essential entrepreneurial skills. A recent session on the Fundamentals of Patent Publication, conducted under the ‘Corporate, Research, Learning, and Internship (CRLI)’ program by Dr. Anshuman Magar, Assistant Professor, Lexicon MILE, aimed to enlighten participants on the intricacies of drafting and filing patents, shedding light on the do's and don'ts, costs, and norms involved.

Dr. Anshuman Magar provided a comprehensive overview of patent publication, covering the background, field, and statement of the invention. He emphasized the precision and relevance of claims, delving into strategies for research works and data collection. The session offered a step-by-step guide on filing patents from an India-centric perspective. 

Mr. Pankaj Sharma, President, of The Lexicon Group of Institutes, Chairman & MD, Pune Times Mirror, Civic Mirror, and MultiFit, expressed, “The patent session exemplifies the institution's dedication to nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit in its students. Our commitment to mentorship and collaboration facilitated through workshops and engagements with experienced entrepreneurs and professionals, ensures that students receive valuable perspectives and guidance on their entrepreneurial journey. It reflects our mission to nurture creative thinkers capable of making valuable contributions to the world.”

Lexicon MILE has also registered a patent design for the “FOLDABLE BAG: LAP-FAB.” This portable office laptop bag caters to those who seek a smarter lifestyle. It effortlessly carries belongings, provides protection with its smart tracker, and offers ample storage space like a mini desk. Featuring a charging facility for various devices, this patent has been successfully certified by The Patent Office of India.

Lexicon MILE, recognized for its commitment to fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, regularly organizes workshops for its students. It has also established the Institution Innovation Council (IIC) to spark the passion for entrepreneurship and cultivate excellence among the student community. IIC equips students with the necessary skills and resources, motivating them to shape their managerial and entrepreneurial abilities, to become successful entrepreneurs and leaders.

Mr. Nasir Shaikh, Group Chief Executive Officer, The Lexicon Group of Institutes, EduCrack, & EasyRecruit+, says, “Entrepreneurial skills are not just taught; they are cultivated through experiences. Lexicon MILE's focus on practical learning through initiatives like workshops and IIC is evidence of our dedication to preparing students for the dynamic demands of the professional world.”

Lexicon MILE continues to serve as a nurturing ground for future entrepreneurs, providing them with hands-on opportunities to develop the mindset and acumen required for success.

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