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India & USA's Strategic Dilemma In A Fractured World Order - book by Dr. Shekhar Bhaskar

Though this portal seems like a typical film reviewer or interviewer who brings a lot of cover stories for you still, as a reader, I couldn't resist writing about this book I recently came across.

The book is by Dr. Shekhar Bhaskar which highlights India & USA's Strategic Dilemma In A Fractured World Order.

We all know The foundation of strategic studies is to understand the basis of war, to allow the person to be analytical and to be thorough enough to be strategically prepared.

But when we have to understand the aspects of defense or trade studies as an important aspect of administration, we must read this book.

Each chapter in this book is well compiled by an author Dr. Shekhar Borhade, The book is a journey about strategy in the modern world, and reflects the many dimensions of this complex subject.

The most important part of this book is every reference used in this is from trusted publications or renowned thesis which was studied before, Though this book seems like a Ph.D. thesis, still it's like an encyclopedia for new sayers who are curious about this.

When you go deep into each term of the book, you will understand

the term ‘resources’ or the ‘means’ refers not just to the tangibility of power that may be employed to gain or hold objectives but also to the other intangible factors that may impose themselves on any decision-maker, most notably the degree of political will that an actor may exert to attain its goals.

During the preface, Author Dr. Shekhar Bhaskar brings this excitement right away

" India and the US have particular common

and some uncommon strategic dilemmas to deal with.

Addressing the same, the book further plans to edify the

perusers with the complexities of the Indo-US relationship.

Toward the end of the book, a reader can hope to be overly

educated and stated about the subject "

From page no 123 to 223 we all need special attention as it showcases the difference between rumors, reality, and actual strategic objectives and chances to collaborate for both the nation.

Normally 'kind of thesis' book, seems to bore for this social media generation, but an author's efforts to bring some factors into the limelight grab all the marks and make yourself proud for this worth reading time and valuable addition of knowledge beyond your bucket list

So we wish grand success for an upcoming edition to author Dr. Shekhar Bhaskar.

See you with the next milestone

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