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Book Review - 96 Metromall - Pranav Sakhdeo

This is a fiction book, by Pranav Sakhdeo, who is an excellent writer, and author. His level of creativity and storytelling is fantastic and very rich. I reviewed his book Kalekarde Strokes earlier, which was also a book, to read again and again. Well, we are here to review his next book, 96 Metro mall.

This book is a fiction story, where we see, Mayank, a boy, enters a Fiction world, where he gets happiness from the things which he uses daily, but he does get involved in it so much that he doesn't realize that the things start using him.

This book is the upper limit of creativity. The things written are literally unimaginable and make us laugh and be serious too. Pranav Sakhdeo has excellently written the pages, to understand the materialistic world, and also found the tact to let know people understand, how and when can his materialistic world will start controlling us.

It also makes us aware of the digitalization which has taken charge over us and made us more technosavy, which might lead us to depression and anxiety. So better be an excellent reader and understand the world through books.

Pranav Sakhdev is a Marathi writer, poet, children's writer, and translator. He also does newspaper writing. He won the Sahitya Akademi Youth Award for the Marathi Language in 2021 for his novel 'Kalekarde Strokes'

Pranav has been awarded:

  • Or. Verti Story Writer Award, Public Library, Nashik

  • Chaitrasamvad Award (Samvad, Nashik)

  • Ashatai Saundattikar Best Story Collection Award, Apte Vachan Mandir, Ichalkaranji

  • Storyteller Shantaram Award, Mumbai Sahitya Sangh

  • On Ba. Mokashi Story Award, Public Library, Kalyan

  • Curriculum of Kusumagraj Pratishthan, Nashik (2015-16)

  • 2021 Sahitya Akademi Youth Award for the Marathi Language novel 'Kalekarde Strokes'

We wish him the best of luck with his upcoming books.

You can order his set of 5 books through the link below:

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