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Bhadaai Do - Rajkumar Rao and Bhumi Pednekar giving power to role

A gay cop and a lesbian teacher enter a marriage , to make their family happy and end up in their individual relationship. The story is about LGBT. Sumi and Shardul played respectively by Rajkumar Rao and Bhumi Pednekar are literally find themselves running from one chaotic situation into another. The film depicts the struggle of gay and lesbian community , and the attetion of society towards them. Rajkumar's character Shardul is Spot-n , he is completely indulged in the character and makes sense to the movie. While Sumi played by Bhumi , is a sensetitive and is known to the fact that society might deny her identity as lesbo.

Chum Darang makes a debut in Bollywood , by this film and it is nice to watch her character.

The writer and Director Harshavardhan Kulkarni , has made a strong impact bringing this kind of film in Bollywood, and enriching the Homosexuality after a Supreme Court attention towards it in 2018. This film normalizes the subject and makes a initative to have a good conversation about this with family.

There is an ease and comfort with which Rajkumar and Bhumi potray these parts onscreen, but even stying true at their real idenetity , they face struggle to be "normal people" in the society. That's what is Badhaai Do tells us. The film shows the real and actual facts for LGBTQ community which they face daily. Badhaai Do explores the dynamics of families of homosexual people, and especially of those living in small towns. In the movie , realsitic drama is shown where their is conflicts in families , when they get to know about the truth of being part of LGBTQ coimmunity.

Among other actors, Seema Pahwa, Sheeba Chaddha, Nitesh Pandey lend a strong support to the story. Their hilarious conversations trigger some genuine laughs. Gulshan Devaiah playing a cameo is also one of endaring moment in the film.

The film could have been much crisper and less time duration. Badhaai Do is bold but could have been braver.

With IMDb rating of 7.3/10 , it is streaming on Netflix. Do watch.

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