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Badlee- Teacher's Struggle for Education

Planet Marathi, Kori Pati Productions and Gem Kreations have brought a excellent series , on Planet Marathi platform.

The plot is simple , but has been sucessful to keep its freshness. The story of a teacher Mr.Patil sir , who gets transfered in a village ( Maradwdi) , where the presence of students in school is near to zero. He has to face various challenges to overcome this attendence count and start the school in full flesh.

The various ideas , the struggle of teaching the students as per their method and acceptance is shown in the series.

Talking about the characters Amol Deshmukh , playing Patil Guruji has set a standard of playing the teacher role , in every aspects. He is kind of teacher , which a student would search in every teacher's eyes.

Talking about the screenplay , it is made simple and with no extra materialistic dialogues. Nitin Pawar writing always makes the village side language promote and same is the outlook here through this webseries.

The process of Education from not attending the school , to make students and their parents realize their mistake of not sending children to school is the series " BADLEE"

The cinematography should be praised. The drone shots of villages, the angles are quite fine and has made the presentation look beautiful.

The BGM is soothing and the flute by Satej Karandikar and Sachin Jayde is amazing.

Overall , a decent series is here to watch on planet marathi.

Here is the link of the series:

Do watch , if you do or dont miss your school days. It is 9.4/10 on IMDb.

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