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Baap Beep Baap- Relation between Father and Son

Thank you for your overwhemling response on my Film Reviews . It feels amazing to write my thoughts on film , webseries and every aspect of entertainment on this platform. Do keep your support.

So yes , today we are looking forwad to review a cute "knok-jhok" vali webseries. Particularly a marathi webseries, by Planet Marathi , Akshay Bardapurkar , Soumya Vilekar, Abhayanand Singh and Amit Bhandari, is here on Planet Marathi OTT , world's first marathi OTT platform.

The series name is " Baap-Beep-Baap" .

A comman yet creatively different series , where the importance of Dad-Son relation is particularly pointed up. We see Sharad Ponkshe and Tejas Barve playing character of Dad and Son respectively. A generation-gap makes funny incidents which are to look for in series.

Dad aka Sharad Ponkshe , is old fashioned and on path of old ways and methods, while son is on mature and young thoughts. The series is all about the misunderstandings and the way out of it to secure the relation between the father and son.

The series is medium-paced and with dramatic BGM. Well , another character here playing a major role is Mother , played by Shilpa Tulaskar. She tries to solve the distance between the Dad-Son relation, and it does make a successful inmpact on the story and the screenplay.

The series also focus on the importance of relationships, the patience and the matureness to keep the relation intact and maintain them. Parna Pethe , playing role of Swara , is just a sugar in milk. She is happy-go-lucky girl with travel as her passion.

Lets talk about the technical view now. The story and screenplay by Pratik Vyas and Amit Kanhere is impactful. Dialogues by Yogesh Joshi hit hard , with some deep meanings.

It just made , rethink on how could we maintain the balance between dad-son as friends and the relation of Father-Son.

The Creative Producer , Omkar Mahajan has made effort to channalize things creatively and showcase the aspect of the series more clearly and effectively.

The director has made the emotions , bonds stronger much more bringing this funny yet classic star cast into picture.

Moreover, the Concept Art of the series , shown in titles , is just fantastic. It has given a fresh and bright look to the presentation of series.

Overall , we see and hear many things about relationships now and then . Not only about Father and Son , but generally too. The misunderstandings, fights , nonsense and unuseful talkings about each other without knowing the fact or truth. This series helps to understand this point more clearly. Every human being makes mistakes and mistakes should happen, otherwise their is no chance of improving our qualities and our attitude too. This series speaks more on this. I feel , if you are going through this phase of life and are unable to understand what could be done , then I prefer to watch this one.

It is rated 8.7/10 on IMDb .

Here is the link to watch the series :

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