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Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Looking around for honest film reviews, with simple language? Well, you are on the right website. Here it is. First of all, thank you audience for reading for reviews and sharing with your contacts. Keep your blessings and love, to my website and my writing.

Yes. So. Coming back to this review. ATTACK PART 1.

A JA Entertainment, film produced by Dr.Jayantilal Gada, Ajay Kapoor and Written and Directed By Lakshya Raj Anand, known for his action film direction like Bang Bang, Ek Tha Tiger, has maintained his quality work on ATTACK also.

John Abraham, a cyber soldier, who has lost everything right from his fiancé to his body, gets a chance to overcome by terminating a terrorist in a Parliament attack. He becomes a part of an experiment in a new scientific program involving Artificial Intelligence.

Arjun Shergill played by John, loses his girlfriend in an attack on Airport, gets paralyzed, and needs the help of a wheelchair to roam around. Soon, Subramaniam ( Prakash Raj), high ranking level officer, meets him and informs him about the Artificial Intelligence technology, and then Arjun is ready to be a super-soldier. The person who helps him to know the AI and its features is Saba ( Rakul Preet Singh), who is a guide, and mentor of this AI and teaches John about all the functions and also about Ira, the AI boot talk voice, a voice control similar to Siri. Arjun is ready for the mission, but will it be all right?

There are many positives in the movie. The film is tightly scheduled for 2hrs and 30min, and also it is fantastically edited. The fighting sequels are shooted quite well. Ratna Pathak should have spread her role, more enthusiastically which might have added some more drama to the film. Also, the Antagonist is a terrorist, Hamid Gul played by Elham Ehsas, who also felt weak in the defense of himself portraying character. It is felt that Antagonist is weak in front of the Protagonist which might be the factor, which might lower the film's viewership. The film has more content to show instead of showing glamour through songs, which is a good thing for the audience. Jacquline Fernandez ( a side cameo character), has done her part quite well. The most interesting yet somewhat negative perspective character is Rajit Kapoor, who played the role of Home Minister. Under the name of security, he tries to manipulate things but couldn't sustain in front of the decisions of the PM office and other ministers.

The action directors Franz Spilhaus, Amritpal Singh, and Amin Khatib have done extremely good work on John's actions which are reflected on the screen. The screenplay and dialogues are written by Vishal Kapoor, Sumit Batheja, and Lakshya Raj Anand, are up to mark. Overall, a great Sci-Fi, Action, and Thriller film is awaiting the audience in theatres, so do watch the film and enjoy !!

With an IMDB rating of 8.1/10, it is leading in theatres.


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